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More Mtn. Madness

For all of those with a dish attached to your roof, get ready to either switch to cable or go another year without seeing most of your teams football games. Listening to 1280 the Zone in Salt Lake City they had the GM of The Mtn. and she tried to bring some enthusiasm about the Mtn. by providing some slogan 'BRING THE NOISE' which basically is the same thing as last year where Craig Thompson encouraged the fans to 'educate' the dish companies about the channel. So the GM of the Mtn. is echoing the same thing, which leads me to believe no football games on dish this year.

Also another thing that really makes me believe the channel will not be available is that someone called in and read an email they received that basically said 'At this time we do not plan on offering the Mtn. at this time...' I hope the media members who attend media day next week 'Bring the Noise' that the GM of the Mtn. suggested when Commissioner Thompson takes the stand to answers questions, and they grill him furiously. This situation is TERRIBLE and that is being kind.