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Sporting News??

I just picked up my pre season mag, I know it is getting late I just waited for some reason this year. I won't go into too many details here, but I flipped through a few such as Phil Steele, Sporting News, and Athlon. Let me tell you Phil Steele has A TON of info and I dont think I have time to read that mag, they have good stuff but WOW a lot of stuff. Looking through Sportings News I quickly went to the MWC section to see their pre season rankings, and they had TCU winning the conference. The real shocker was having New Mexico finish third!! and ahead of Utah. NEW MEXICO you got to be kidding me? The only way I can see New Mexico finish third in conference is if running back Rodny Ferguson is SO dominate that he crushes the conferece. I think New Mexico will be improved, but I dont think they will get third. To get third means they would have to beat Utah, BYU, or TCU and of those three they won't beat TCU, they will have their hands full with Utah but probably wont win that, and then I feel the same about BYU but give New Mexico a slightly better chance to beat BYU because that game is early in the season and BYU brings in a bunch of new players.

Just to say I picked up Athlon, and pretty soon I will have my pre season picks and team previews starting pretty soon.