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Top 50 games of the year

Collegefootballnews has put up an early list of the top 50 games of the year and just as I did with the ESPN list I will put what college football news has to say here.

  • 49. Utah at Louisville, Oct. 6
    In the past this might have been seen as a nice matchup of top mid-major programs, but each has been to the BCS in the last few seasons, and Louisville has established itself as a Big East superpower with national title aspirations. It'll be a battle of quarterbacks with the return of Brian Johnson giving the Utes an offense every bit as potent as Louisville's with Brian Brohm leading the way. However, this is Louisville at home, and it'll put up points in bunches in one of the more exciting non-conference October games. It might be a case of the team with the ball last coming up with the win.
    Predicted score in July: Louisville 45 ... Utah 31.
    • I think this will be a high scoring game, but I think it will be closer then this, the Utes have a great linebacker corp that will help this young defense.
  • 26. TCU at Texas, Sept. 8
    Alright TCU, here's your change at the big show. Considered by most to be the best team in the Mountain West, the schedule works out well enough for the Horned Frogs that a win at Texas might kickstart a run to a BCS spot. Texas will have had a tune-up against Arkansas State, but will have to deal with one of the best defensive lines it'll face all year. As good as the Longhorns might be, they'll need the full sixty minutes to finally pull ahead. The TCU offense won't quite have enough in the bag.
    Predicted score in July: Texas 20 ... TCU 10
    • With this game EVERYONE from most major news sources predicts TCU has a great shot and if they win they then will be in the national title chase. Very doubtful look at Boise State last year they are the only undefeated team in I-A and get nothing. Yes, TCU has a better schedule and a slightly better conference. Plus, TCU better not look past Utah and Brian Johnson who will want revenge in Fort Worth plus those who don't know Brian Johnson had almost identical total yards (3370 total yards, 26 total TD's), to Heisman Finalist Alex Smith (3583 total yard, 42 TD's) Johnson just needs to score more. Also, TCU is breaking in a new QB wonder how he will do against that Texas defense.