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Top 100 moments in College Football

ESPN during its lull before college football season tied over some fans, including myself, with a list of 100 plays, moments, rule change, or anything of significance to the game.

You can go browse the whole list, but since this is the site is about the Mountain West Conference I will go into the moments that were part of the teams in the conference. There are two MAJOR items missing from the list, but still go ahead and enjoy


Katie Hnida becomes the first female player to play in a college football game. She was one of the place kickers for the University of New Mexico, and she got the call to attempt an extra point against UCLA on Christmas day 2002
in the Las Vegas Bowl, however the kick was blocked, but history was made.


Baylor having been terrible the past few years Baylor coach Kevin Steele was moments away for a victory and decides to try for another score. The Bears on the UNLV eight yeard land and then the wors thing happened Rebels corner Andre Hilliard jarred the ball loose from Darrell Bush near the goal line. UNLV's Kevin Thomas scooped it and ran 100 yards for the 27-24 victory.


I can not do this one justice so here is the exerpt from ESPN. SMU led BYU, 45-25, in the 1980 Holiday Bowl with about 4:00 left. The Cougars scored twice, then blocked a Mustang punt, recovering at the SMU 41 with :13 to play. After two incompletions, quarterback Jim McMahon threw a Hail Mary. Tight end Clay Brown and SMU defensive back Wes Hopkins both came down with it. Tie goes to the offense, and after an extra point, miracle went to BYU, 46-45.
Now that is impressive!


In the #1 SMU vs. #2 TCU: Southern Methodist in their own territory trailing in the 4th quarter line up in punt formation and do a fake punt and pass for a touchdown to win the game and go to the Rose Bowl.

Those are the selections from ESPN's Top 100. WHAT!!!

There are 2 glaring omissions on this list and my bud over at Shirts' Cougar Legion I think would agree with me. One should be the 1984 National championship that BYU won, no other team current or formerly outside of the BCS conferences have won a national title. Then the second one which I think is just about equal to the Cougars feat, is the 2004 University of Utah that crashed the BCS party going undefeated and winning the Fiesta Bowl. How do you leave off those 2 the list, the list does have Boise State's win in the BCS which was amazing, but how about giving credit to the original BCS buster.

One last thing ESPN just because things happened in the early 20th century does not automatically make it on the list.