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Please take Him I will pay you!


I was reading through The Fort Worth Star Telegram the other day and found this article that was specifically about the Big 12, but also had a hint of Mountain West mixed in. The Article was talking about how the current Big 12 Commissioner who helped bring the Big 12 to what it is today, a powerful and meaningful conference.

Then here is where the news from the Mountain West Conference is, the writer makes a list of replacements and YES he puts our fearless leader in the mix, and here is the quote

"Craig Thompson: Commissioner of the Mountain West Conference has experience and provided the fledgling MWC with excellent leadership."

WHAAAAAAT!!! Excellent leadership?? I would really like to know this guys examples. Here are my examples of what his lack of leadership has provided.

1. The Mtn., CSTV, Versus, and Comcast. These all deserve #1
2. Moved the MWC basketball tournament from Las Vegas to Denver, and finally back to Vegas after that flop
3. The conference FINALLY has one bowl game that is post Christmas
4. Refuses to move the Las Vegas Bowl to post Christmas, because he believes the conference fans can not afford it. What!?!?! This guy has no common sense, telling everyone that the fans do not have money? Every school is within 8 hours drive to Vegas with the exception of Wyoming and they brought tons fans when the played UCLA a few year back.

So please Big 12 take on Craig Thompson maybe he will hove the Cotton Bowl to December 15th and create a TV network where ony 9 out of 12 members have access to view the games. Go ahead I dare you.