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Other conference TV Packages


Here is a slap in the face of how important the Mountain West is on the awarness ladder. Reading on about how this network would work. It is the opposite of the Mountain West network in that Comcast does not offer the channel and wants to add it as a pay channel, HOWEVER the big difference is that the Big 10 Network is being offered on the simplest of tiers on DirecTv which means the nation can see their games, and it doesn't matter if you live in Columbus, Ohio or if you live in Miami, FL you can see these games.

Also what makes this deal much better is that the big games will still be on ABC and ESPN, while the Big 10 Network shows the lower tier games, and also other sports as women's hoops, soccer, wrestling, baseball, and etc...

But at least these fans can still watch the majority of the games unlike the Mtn. where they show the majority of the games on the one network with the fewest people geez that makes good business sense, so the conference wants the majority of the games on a network with the fewest people. This shows how little respect the conference get, well also the bafoonery that is Craig Thompson, the Commissioner of this league.