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More TV restlessness

It seems this topic can fuel this blog everyday during the offseason. University of Utah and BYU according to the Salt Lake Tribune have retained lawyer Kelly Crabb to help bring more wide distribution of the Mtn. and CSTV, well at least to the Mtn. Crabb will attempt to work with Commissioner Craig Thompson and Comcast to hopefully get the TV deal to reach a more national audience, currently only Versus is a truly national channel. Versus is avalible on DirecTv with its most basic package and CSTV if you get the sports package and it's on Dish Network if you get I believe the top 180 package which also includes CSTV.

The conference board has approved and retained the lawyer in hopes to speed up negotiations and get the channel on a national basis. The tragedy which I just realized is that TCU does not even get the Mtn. at all!! One of the best teams in the league a potential pre season top 20 and their home fans can't see!! A doomsday scenario is what if a team is close to getting into the BCS and the national media can not see these teams or even the home teams.