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LB Mock Draft #20: Raptors Pick Tyler Ennis

Put on your denim, we got a good ol' fashioned Canadian wedding here.

Bobcats squeak past Raptors, 92-90


Your Charlotte Bobcats are tied for first in the Southeast division, and are tied for second in the Eastern Conference. The Bobcats had an all-around team effort with many standout performances on...

Craig Neal named New Mexico head coach

Craig Neal, associate head for the New Mexico Lobos under former head coach Steve Alford was named head coach at UNM late Tuesday afternoon

Gay hits game-winning shot on Toronto Raptors gay night


Rudy Gay From the Department of Wonderful Coincidences: Rudy Gay of the Toronto Raptors hit a jump shot with less than five seconds...

Video: Toronto Raptors Leandro Barbosa and Reggie Evans holding hands spurs homophobia


After the Raptors' big win over the Orlando Magic on Sunday, 102-98, cameras caught Leandro Barbosa grab the hand of Reggie Evans and walk into the locker room (video after the jump). While Barbosa...


Batum and the Raps

While reading an interview recap that was done with Glen Taylor, owner of the T'Wolves, he briefly discussed Nicolas Batum. Taylor mentioned that the recruiting was done two ways. Essentially that...

Raptors Media Day Summary


Kinnon Yee takes time to discuss what happened at Media Day and his impressions about this year's edition of the Toronto Raptors

Raptors Media Day 2012 - Coming to you Live!!


Raptors HQ heads down with their group of writers, photographers and videographers. Join Kinnon Yee, Sasha Kalra, Scott Campsall, and Darren Bondy as they go in to get all the scoops from this...


Touring the Eastern Conference, Volume II: Toronto Raptors

We're getting closer to Opening Night, so we'll keep on with our tour. The second stop on our trip takes us to the great city of Toronto. Jump and we'll get into the Raptors.

State Department: No secret plan to invade Canada

The U.S. and Mexico are not secretly planning to invade Canada, a State Department spokeswoman confirmed to laughter during a daily press briefing. Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland was taking questions from journalists about its activities Tuesday, which included a meeting between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Mexico Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa. She was asked about "a signing ceremony" with Espinosa – what was being signed and why was the ceremony not open to the press. The journalist asked, "This isn’t some secret thing … to invade Canada or something like that?" The U.S. did draw up a secret plan to invade Canada in 1935, codenamed "War Plan Red," some of which was accidentally published by mistake and reported by The New York Times. There is also a website called www.invadecanada.us, which lists reasons such as connecting the mainland U.S. with Alaska, "they’re just a little too proud," and "they stole our basketball teams."
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