Wyoming Football To Have Their First Junior Day This Weekend

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Bohl and staff to bring in Wyoming/Colorado prospects this weekend to Laramie.

After being hired by the University of Wyoming in December and wrapping up their first recruiting class the following month, Craig Bohl and his staff get the chance to have a full year to recruit their second class to Laramie.  Recruiting is a year long endeavor but the new staff will publicly jump start their 2015 recruiting year off by having their first Junior day event this weekend with the emphasis being on Wyoming and Colorado prospects.  There will be two other Junior day possibilities on April 12th and April 19th for the staff to bring prospects from outside the two state area or to bring in those that couldn't make it in this upcoming weekend.

When coach Bohl was first hired, he made habit of mentioning that the Cowboys will be focusing on Wyoming and Colorado first and foremost.  Historically Colorado has been considered a extension of Wyoming by most coaching staffs and coach Bohl sees it no different.

While at North Dakota State, the staff made it a priority to visit every single high school in the state of North Dakota.  This will also be done with the state of Wyoming now.  Wyoming as a whole may not produce many D-1 scholarship athletes yearly but what prospects there are, the staff will try to bring those kids in one way or another even if that means walking-on.  First the staff has to show to these kids, their parents and coaches that they are serious about keeping homegrown talent in-state and what better way to do that than actually show up to their schools, no matter the size or talent level on roster.

For many of these incoming prospects visiting Laramie, they will be looking for their first scholarship offer.  This is the perfect opportunity for the coaching staff to plant the seed to what the Cowboy faithful hope is a very successful recruiting year and namely in the immediate region.

Here is a list of known prospects from the two state area that will be visiting this weekend.  I'll update this list when more visitor info is found.

ATH Austin Conway - Aurora (Overland) Colorado

WR Isaiah Young - Aurora (Vista Peak) Colorado

RB Jamil Bond - Denver (Lutheran) Colorado

LB Jacob Bobenmoyer - Cheyenne (East) Wyoming

OG Dillon Middlemiss - Westminster (Pomona) Colorado

S/WR Jalen Moore - Denver (East) Colorado

DT Blake Whitsell - Broomfield (Broomfield) Colorado

QB/S Noah Butler - Aurora (Vista Peak) Colorado

RB Chukwuma Obinnah - Aurora (Grandview) Colorado

S Cameron Knight - Aurora (Grandview) Colorado

I should mention there were many prospects of known Wyoming interest from the two state area that are not able to attend due to prior activity conflicts from most notably basketball and wrestling.  Many of these prospects will either attend another one of the Junior day possibilities in April or come to one of Wyoming's summer camps.

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