Wyoming releases first depth chart of spring football

Drew Hallowell

Head coach Craig Bohl releases his spring football depth chart.

Wyoming head coach Craig Bohl presented his depth chart during Cowboys spring football. This will likely change as spring goes on and also once fall camp rolls around. The quarterback position is the key with Brett Smith off to the NFL and Jason Thompson transferring to Utah.

As of now Colby Kirkegaard is listed as the starting quarterback with the backup being Sam Stratton, agin that can change with the spring game coming up and fall camp.



Blair Burns (5-10, 186, Sr., Plano, Texas)

Tyran Finley (5-9, 177, RJr., Birmingham, Ala.)

Zaquoya Parham (5-10, 181, Jr., Phoenix, Ariz.)

Free Safeties

Darrenn White (6-0, 192, Sr., Kansas City, Mo.)

Cortland Fort (6-0, 185, So., Fontana, Calif.)

Xavier Lewis (6-0, 190, So., Aurora, Colo.)

Strong Safeties

Jesse Sampson (6-0, 196, Sr., Canoga Park, Calif.)

Tim Kamana (5-11, 190, RFr., Honolulu, Hawai'i)

Jake Schiffner (5-10, 181, Sr., Calgary, Alberta)

Waddie Love (6-1, 185, Fr., Encampment, Wyo.)

Boundary Cornerbacks

DeAndre Jones (6-0, 186, Sr., Killeen, Texas)

Tim Hayes (5-9, 185, So., Los Angeles, Calif.)

Luke Kellum (5-10, 184, So., Lecompton, Kan.)

Strong-Side (SAM) Linebackers

Mark Nzeocha (6-3, 235, Sr., Neusitz, Germany)

Malkaam Muhammad (6-0, 228, Jr., St. Joseph, Mo.)

Jeff Lark (6-2, 213, Jr., Cedar Hill, Texas)

Brecken Biggs (6-0, 178, Fr., Casper, Wyo.)

Middle (MIKE) Linebackers

Jordan Stanton (6-0, 246, Sr., Palmdale, Calif.) OR

Alex Borgs (6-2, 232, Sr., Raesfeld, Germany)

Sam Boyd (6-1, 190, Fr., Eagle, Colo.)

Weak-Side (WILL) Linebackers

Devyn Harris (6-3, 240, Sr., Fountain, Colo.)

Lucas Wacha (6-1, 214, So., Texarkana, Texas)

Nehemie Kankolongo (5-11, 212, Sr., Coquitlam, B.C.)

Defensive Ends

Eddie Yarbrough (6-3, 257, Jr., Aurora, Colo.)

Riley Lange (6-3, 250, Sr., Parker, Colo.)

Adam Kinder (6-2, 206, So., Newport Beach, Calif.)

Defensive Tackles

Patrick Mertens (6-5, 295, Sr., Sterling, Colo.)

Troy Boyland (6-2, 302, RJr., Palo Alto, Calif.)

Dalton Fields (6-3, 265, RFr., Colorado Springs, Colo.)

Dan Crook (6-3, 272, Sr., Brigham City, Utah)

Nose Tackles

Chase Appleby (6-0, 289, So., Frisco, Texas)

Uso Olive (6-1, 293, So., Federal Way, Wash.)

James Diamanti (6-4, 296, RFr., Grand Junction, Colo.)

Du'Ryan Ebbesen (6-2, 288, RFr., St. Croix, Virgin Islands)

Defensive Ends

Sonny Puletasi (6-3, 251, Sr., Lawton, Okla.)

Siaosi Hala'api'api (6-2, 248, Jr., Honolulu, Hawai'i)

Seth Edeen (6-3, 203, Fr., Cheyenne, Wyo.)



Colby Kirkegaard (6-3, 205, RSr., Phoenix, Ariz.)

Sam Stratton (5-11, 186, Sr., Littleton, Colo.) OR

Tom Thornton (6-1, 205, So., Tempe, Ariz.)

Aaron Young (6-2, 208, So., Sacramento, Calif.)

Running Backs

D.J. May (5-11, 196, RSo., Federal Way, Wash.)

Shaun Wick (5-10, 204, Jr., Oxnard, Calif.)

Omar Stover (5-11, 198, So., Bolingbrook, Ill.)

Oscar Nevermann (6-1, 210, So., Stockholm, Sweden)

Joshua Tapscott (5-9, 200, RFr., Nokesville, Va.)


Drew Van Maanen (6-1, 238, RFr., Parker, Colo.)

Brandon Lukenbill (6-2, 224, So., Puyallup, Wash.)

Wide Receivers (Z)

Jalen Claiborne (5-9, 175, Sr., Carthage, Texas)

Keenan Montgomery (6-1, 180, Sr., St. Paul, Minn.)

Trey Norman (6-1, 175, Sr., Texarkana, Texas)

Josh Smith (6-3, 205, Sr., Manchester, N.H.)

Trent Sewell (6-2, 196, So., Bothell, Wash.)

Wide Receivers (X)

Jake Maulhardt (6-6, 215, So., Camarillo, Calif.)

Tanner Gentry (6-2, 190, So., Aurora, Colo.)

Nico Brown (6-3, 212, So., Leander, Texas)

Justin Berger (6-2, 209, Sr., Danville, Calif.)

Tanner Simpson (6-2, 188, So., Lander, Wyo.)

Tight Ends

J.D. Krill (6-6, 246, Sr., Mission Viejo, Calif.)

Jacob Hollister (6-4, 230, So., Bend, Ore.)

Eric Nzeocha (6-3, 208, So., Neusitz, Germany)

Brandon Preston (6-6, 215, Fr., Mountain View, Wyo.)

Micah Jones (6-3, 205, So., San Antonio, Texas)

Left Tackles

Nathan Leddige (6-5, 289, So., Beaverton, Ore.)

Brayton Medina (6-5, 302, RFr., Fountain, Colo.)

Left Guards

Chase Roullier (6-4, 293, So., Savage, Minn.)

Charlie Renfree (6-3, 268, RFr., Scottsdale, Ariz.)

Jessee Wilson (6-1, 245, Jr., Cowley, Wyo.)


Rafe Kiely (6-3, 299, Jr., Wheaton, Ill.)

Jacob English (6-5, 292, So., Beloit, Kan.)

Zach D'Amico (5-11, 275, Jr., Casper, Wyo.)

Right Guards

Jake Jones (6-3, 295, Jr., Lakewood, Colo.)

Sam Hardy (6-3, 299, So., West Hills, Calif.)

Richard Bettencourt (6-3, 290, Fr., Meridian, Idaho)

Right Tackles

Connor Rains (6-7, 318, Sr., Placerville, Calif.)

Taylor Knestis (6-5, 278, RFr., Lakewood, Colo.)

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