2014 NFL Draft: Texans are not likely going to take Derek Carr

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans had to meet with Derek Carr, but it was out of respect and not because they will draft them.

Former Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr is the top quarterback left on the board heading into second round of the NFL Draft. The Houston Texans own the first pick on Friday night and they are in the market for a quarterback, plus they need offensive line help to protect the quarterback and a wide receiver to pair with Andre Johnson.

The Texans are not going with a wide receiver and No. 33, so the option comes down to a quarterback or an offensive lineman. There are very good offensive lineman left on the board and one's that are rated higher than Carr.

The name Carr is hated in Houston since David Carr flopped with the Texans, but that had more to do with an extremely poor offensive line, no running game and also because he started Day 1 on an expansion team.

Even though the younger Carr will help the Texans since quarterback a position of need it is highly unlikely he will go to Houston.

Houston had to meet with Carr because he is one of the best players in the draft, but Rapoport hits it on the head by saying their meeting was the Texans being nice.

Even though there is a whole new regime in Houston a lot of fans have a bad taste in their mouth how David played in town over a decade ago.

However, the feelings are mixed among fans. Over at the Houston Chronicle they have a poll on if the Texans should take Carr and they are in favor of taking him, so there is that.


Then go look at Battle Red Blog and they don't even mention Carr as one of the top players that the Texans could draft in the second round.

Then there are the experts who really like Carr:

"It's hard to find a weakness," former Giants quarterback Phil Simms said of David Carr's kid brother. "You know what the weakness is? The last name. Because his brother didn't succeed . . . it's unfair. The guy has size. He can make all the throws. And the guy can run. What's not to like?"

Rich Gannon, another former NFL quarterback, calls Carr "the best pure passer" in the draft and suggests he's a different kind of player than the Texans' first-ever draft choice was. "He's got size and arm strength, and toughness."

Experts have their opinion, but Texans head coach Bill O'Brien never talked about Carr when discussing possible quarterback selections, but that was back on March 25. Then there is the report from Pro Football Talk that is saying the Texans are looking to trade their 33rd pick to land Eastern Illinois' Jimmy Garoppolo.

If the Texans do not take Carr, which seems to be the case, he should not stay on the board that long since the Oakland Raiders really like Carr and they pick at No. 36.

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