Build on Each Other

We can say just win, and the attention should come in. Boise State did this for 10+ years and got no respect from the national media.

These are some tips, but the main one this season is to build on each others frustrations, and troubles.

Some of them are things that can be improved on and some of them are just sarcasm at the schools, I apologize in advance if I offend anyone.

Fresno, San Jose, and San Diego -

Rivalries can be a big thing to get people in these areas pumped up about sports. I know that Fresno State is supported by its community. San Diego State needs that on campus stadium, and needs to allow what took place in basketball to take place in football. Let the students take over the atmosphere. San Jose could really do what the city of San Jose did with the sharks. Fans need to get involved in all three communities in order to build a California home base for this conference. Fresno State, San Jose State and San Diego State are huge Universities. I lay the mission on those city council members also. Want more money for your cities? Shell out a little bit of love for these programs, and maybe a little extra taxes will come your way!

Boise State -

Prime example of what a winning program can do to a local economy (Source). Keep winning yes, and keep on sending players to the NFL. Expand the stadium a bit, play around with the uniforms like you guys are doing, and please do not get rid of that smurf turf field. Every time a new red or blue turf stadium is built you guys get a shout out by the national sports media. Gain new rivals in this conference, and keep the old rivals wishing they can beat you(Nevada, and Fresno). I remember the Nevada vs Boise years between 2002-present, and I wanted nothing more then Nevada to win. I know that you guys won most of those games, and it keeps me watching every single year.

Nevada, and UNLV -

I hate to bring politics into discussions, but can we please slap the state legislator silly for a few minutes. Nevada in the early 1990's had the chance that Colorado, and Utah had to build its schools up to national standards, and send them up in college football. Nevada failed, and now the budget in this once booming state is on life support. Please state legislators, throw them a bone.

Back to sports, UNLV can do themselves a big favor by winning more games. Keep the rivalry games intense for the fans, and for the love of god UNLV build an on campus stadium. An on campus stadium that preferably can draw on the strip and the Las Vegas lifestyle. Win some games also, but also why recruit in Texas, Alaska, and Kentucky when you can recruit players from the state of Nevada?

Nevada, UNR, or whatever y'all like to be called now a days. Nevada can also benefit from upgrades to its stadium. I do enjoy watching the casinos in Northern Nevada lit up blue on game-days(I went to college in Reno). It also might be a nice touch to change all of your campus signs to say either UNR or Nevada instead of confusing people. Respect Chris Ault's legacy he left the program, and use his name to keep the legacy of the program. He invented the Pistol Offense, do not get rid of it all together, or you could even modify it(future coaches?)

Utah State -

Here is a nice idea, keep on beating the other two universities(BYU/Utah) and keep on advertising the university in the state of Utah. When I was at work the other day we were talking about major division 1 universities in the state of Utah. They only brought up Utah and BYU. Amazing how you guys are overlooked. Welcome to the Mountain West! Now keep on winning, and upgrade the facilities.

Wyoming -

I love the new field turf, brining up the fact you guys are the highest stadium in division 1 football. I expect to see oxygen tanks for the visitors, and maybe a nice sign outside of the stadium made of wood saying something about the elevation of the stadium! Also, win games and get into the Denver/Salt Lake markets.

Hawaii -

Recruit the Pacific Islands a little bit more. I do like that you guys took the Rainbow Warrior name back, and take your former coaches advice on upgrading the facilities. Back to recruiting, I know that it would spark a little bit more Islander pride if Samoans, and others could put that Rainbow Warrior uniform on. Norm Chow needs the support of the University of Hawaii. I fear the man will be given to little time to improve this program.

Air Force -

Use the military institution as a hook to get more attention. They have been doing all they can do with facilities, and with recruiting. It is a fact that Air Force is a lot harder to get into. Beat Army and Navy which is usually the #1 goal each year other then winning a MWC championship. Win more games, and keep on battling Colorado State for fans.

Colorado State -

Rebuild the program back to what it was in the late 90's. Beat Colorado, and try to overtake them as the football powerhouse in the state of Colorado. I also believe that Fort Colins, Colorado can really benefit from a program that is winning at division 1 level. Wyoming and Colorado state can do good by keeping up the rivalry games.

New Mexico -

Recruit in New Mexico, Texas and Arizona to bring in a sense of locality to the football program. I see this program as a hot program. Bob Davie is a great coach who should be able to turn this program around. I see this team as a threat to Boise State and Fresno State if they can bring in all of the chips.

Most of these are serious recommendations, but as a UNLV fan I can tell you guys what it is like to be a fan at the bottom of the conference. It is fun to support the conference, and I hope the new schools don't get discouraged. Good luck to the new schools Utah State and San Jose State.

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