Want to write about the Mountain West, then read this below.

Attention everyone!

We are looking to add writers to our website to help with all sorts of team coverage. Up front, this is not a payed position, so this would be a project out of passion and a way to get your voice heard.

Those of you who are regulars to the site know that we focus heavy on college football the most, and do a healthy amount toward college basketball and recruiting. These areas are what I am primarily looking to add, however if you have a passion for Olympic sports, baseball, softball or anything else I welcome that as well to beef up coverage in those areas.

Below is what I am speficifally looking for in terms of covearge. People can double up and handle one school, or just one sport. Also, having more than one person covering a sport is great as well. Just means you can write on a variety of topics rather than focus on the assigned stuff like previews and recaps

Here is what I am looking for:

-Football or basketball coverage for every team in the league, multiple spots per team/sport are open to provide maximum coverage.
-Recruiting (Goes for football and basketball for all schools)
-Mountain West baseball (general or team coverage)
-Olympic coverage, so softball, track and field, swimming and others
-Or present your own idea about anything you want to write about

That is a lenghy list and even though basketball season is over it would be nice to do some more year round coverage even if it is something about a team once or twice a month.

Also, if there is something you are passionate about and it is not listed, feel free to let your interest be known, because having more coverage is great.

If you are intersted in any other area of Mountain West covearge, let me know and we can go from there to see what type of fit one would be.

Here are the requirements I am looking for:

- Ability to write grammatically correct, and preferably AP style, but that is not required.
- Being a homer for one's school is perfectly fine, just don't go overboard with hate toward other teams.
- During basketball and football season, previews, recaps and Game Day vital info like location, TV time, radio, odds for each game, and in game updates. (If there are more people assigned to a team this will broaden to included more stuff so that each writer has content to write about, but amount of articles I want per week stays the same)
- Preseason football content, which is about to ramp up, includes early previews of opponents during the summer, team position breakdolwns in separate posts and fall camp updates.

During the season of football and basketball, but specifically football, I would like to have previews, recaps and game day info for each game. Anything beyond that in season would be great, but not required.

One thing that comes up every now and then is breaking news, or big news that I may assign if myself could not get to. With this being a non-paid position I don't think it is fair to have writers do a ton of required stuff each week, however you can go above and beyond what is assigned each week.

That pretty much sums it up, on what I am looking for. If you want more info just email me at MountainWestFootball@gmail.com

So, if you are interested shoot me an email or just put a comment below gauging your interest. The way I will begin the process is asking for you to answer a few questions through email plus I would need a writing sample.

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