Newest Expansion Rumors...MW impact?

As I'm sure most of you are aware the latest rumor in the NCAA conference realignment is that the B1G has extended invitations to UNC, UVA, and possible GT. UNC would certainly be a slap in the face to the ACC but not surprising given Delany's ties to the school. Let's say theoretically UNC and UVA leave for the B1G thus placing them at the holy grail of 16 teams. What does that entail for the rest of the conference dominoes...

SEC: 14 teams

To get to 16: Likely the UNC/UVA hit would cripple the ACC to the point where it becomes to new Big East. Rumored targets have included NC State/VaTech...regardless the ACC would be down to now 10 teams and the SEC would also reach the 16 team nirvana.

Big 12: 10 teams

To get to 16: Might not need to get to 16 for this scenario however they would likely expand to keep pace and get to at least 12, possibly 14. Big 12 target rumors have included FSU/Clemson...could even add Cincy/Louisville in place of or in addition to. If they get to 14 that includes 3 steals from the ACC placing the ACC at a measly 7 teams.

ACC: Possibly 7 teams?!?!

To regain some respect: Poach Big East for UConn and USF, hell let's throw in ECU as well to get to 10. Now we have rebirth of Big East version longer in the League of 5??? I'd say they aren't at this point.

Big East: Please just go away already

Losing Cincy/USF/UConn/ECU...what's left but CUSA version 2.0?

ACC/Big East: at this point why not just merger with the 16 best teams???

MWC: now on to the good part...

To get to 16: In the aforementioned scenarios there would certainly be some targets available. Perhaps now SMU/Houston see the sinking ship they are on and decide to head west into open arms thus reestablishing the MW in the Republic of Texas. Additionally UTEP/Tulsa may see that the MW could potentially stand as the 5th best conference in the land and want a piece of the pie. I know all four of these teams have been mentioned before but to no avail, however if the pieces land in the right place the MW could be the beacon of light west of the Mississippi for those teams wanting to make the grade.

Pac-12: have to mention them... raided MW once before, if they want to get to 14 or 16 they certainly won't be going for NMSU or Idaho. If they don't add to the conference realignment confusion further by going after the Texas/TT/OU/OkSt quartet then they could easily go for some MW teams if they value geographical relationships at all.....but I'd rather not rain on the MW parade right now.

Let me know what you think...just buckle up and get ready for another potential round of craziness.

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