Mid-Season Outlook

Western Division

Nevada - The coach has some work to rebuild this program back up, but at a 3-3 record and only beating cupcakes has me questioning that maybe Chris Ault comes out of retirement again?

Best Outcome: 7-6 and bowling

Worst Outcome: The cannon goes Red, Nevada fans cry(Sarcasm)

San Diego State - Ups and downs have been with this team all season losing to Eastern Ill. and Oregon State leaves a bad feeling. They can get to 3-3 if they can beat Air Force.

Best Outcome: 7-6, Maybe an upset of a top program in the MWC?

Worst Outcome: They play like they did against Eastern Ill. and play themselves out of bowls.

Fresno State - Fresno state is being hailed as an up and coming program(I hear the laughs of people who know the program including me). Fresno state is a very good program and won't change that

Best Outcome: BCS Bowl

Worst Outcome: They trip up and end up playing in Vegas or Boise for their bowl.

UNLV - I see my Rebels as a dark horse ready to take off, so I will have a bias with the outcomes.

Best Outcome: They fight hard and nip the tails of Fresno State for the Western Division.

Worst Outcome: They totally F' things up and Hauck coaches high school football for the rest of his career.

San Jose State - They actually got a lucky stretch of games coming up and would be surprised if they don't make a bowl.

Best Outcome: Bowling, upset of Fresno

Worst Outcome: They end up going backwards in terms of the program.

Hawaii - They may go 0-12 because the rest of the teams on their schedule can beat them

Best Outcome: Upsetting a few teams, getting a few moral victories, and focus on recruiting for next season

Worst Outcome: 0-12 and Norm Chow is put in the hot seat for the first time in his historical career. I would be mad if they fired him.

Mountain Division

Air Force - Air Force is 1-5, but all of their losses come against pretty good teams (Utah State, Boise, UNR, Wyoming and others.) I expect Air Force to fight to stay relevant.

Best Outcome: 6-6 and go bowling

Worst Outcome: They continue to lose but, there is no way the coach gets fired cause he has done so much for the program.

New Mexico - 2-3, and this team is on the rise again.

Best Outcome: They get selected over San Diego State to go to a bowl and Rocky Long cries a little inside

Worst Outcome: They have a few set backs and don't go bowling.

Colorado State - After that Alabama game anything can happen with Colorado State.

Best Outcome: Bowling

Worst Outcome: No Bowl.

Wyoming - This team is better than what people give them credit for. If you want proof watch the Nebraska game, but that loss to Texas State was hard.

Best Outcome: They go bowling.

Worst Outcome: They let the Texas State game get to them and lose a bunch of games

Utah State - They just lost their starting QB, good luck guys.

Best Outcome: Someone steps up and they win the Mountain Division, go bowling, and look to become a dominant part of the Mountain West.

Worst Outcome: They lose because their best player is out for the year. no bowl.

Boise State - Boise state is finally meeting its match in the Mountain West, this team is a great example of how to build up a mid-major.

Best Outcome: 10-2 and maybe steal a BCS spot from Northern Ill.

Worst Outcome: Worst season in 10 years. I will slap anyone who asks Chris Peterson to step down, seriously...... they are like the people....

Grammar is not my major is college.... so If you notice anything I am open-minded towards fixing it.

Go Rebels, and Go Mounty's(Conference Nickname)!

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