More Possible Outcomes of Conference Realignment

More Possible Outcomes of Conference Realignment

					(For the Mountain West Conference)


Expansion of the Mountain West Conference might not be needed in the immediate future, but there is a need to cover our bases so we don't end up like the WAC, CUSA, and Sun Belt Conferences in respect to those conferences.

Id like to go over all of the possibilities of realignment, so that I can reassure the fans of this conference that we have nothing really to worry about in terms of being the next WAC(Which basically got raided so badly they do not sponsor football anymore). Each numbered paragraph represents a new idea, so don't get confused and if you do use the comment section to ask questions!

Getting Raided


1) Pac 12 and Big 12 Raiding The MWC

If this is the case we could always just drop down to 10 or 8 conference member and be done. Or if they really stick it to us. We could try to convince Idaho and NMSU to join to keep us in., I don't see the Big 12 raiding us, Unless they go for Boise.


2) Pac 12/Big 12 goes for BYU/Boise

I see this as a likely scenario as we currently don't have Pac-12 type schools in our conference anymore, and BYU would likely be asked before anyone in the MWC. Even then if Boise State would go we could just ask NMSU or Idaho in.... I know no one likes NMSU but, they would be a good fit in basketball. We could just opt to remain at 10 and 11, and wait to be raided.

The Pac12 Raids Big 12


3) Kansas, Kansas State, and TCU/Baylor would be ripe pickings.

I know the Pac-12 tried to raid the Big 12 of Texas, Baylor, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State years ago. It makes sense and it would put TCU,Baylor, Iowa State, West Virginia, Kansas, and Kansas State in a bad position if it did happen. Now the Big 12 could try to raid us thereafter or we could try to convince Kansas, Kansas State, and TCU to come into the league giving us 16 in Football and 15 in other sports.(Imagine a Basketball Conference with Kansas, UNLV, New Mexico and San Diego State)

4) Mountain Wests Best Leave For Big 12

It would hurt leaving the conference in death mode. I think the fans would just move on, and I believe West Virginia would just dart for the Big East/ACC.

Current Expansion Ideas

5) Leave it at 12 for Football/ 11 for Olympic Sports.

This is from what I've seen in the last couple of weeks the most popular idea, and it costs us nothing as a conference to do. I kind of like it the most, but we might get raided.


6) Try to get into Texas

I know that the Texas schools must be freaking out and waiting on that Big 12 invites. Houston, UTSA, SMU, and UTEP would be the only ones id ever want to invite in this situation.

7) Begging BYU to come back.

Its a pipe dream, but hey we could always just invite them back for Olympic Sports only and allow them to be Notre Dame of the West!

8) NMSU,BYU, and Gonzaga Basketball Only

Gonzaga, NMSU, and BYU for basketball only, I know this sounds crazy but all 3 are within the geographical area. It adds NMSU rivals of New Mexico and Utah State. It adds Gonzaga which is a no brainer in terms of the depth and history they add. Add BYU See #7.

9) Montana and/or Montana State

	(Anything right now is better then Idaho)

I know I am digging deep on this one but bare with me. Montana has a great program, a big stadium 25,203, and can be a better alternative down the line if we get raided. Montana State would be a great add with Montana, their new 20,767 stadium was built a few years back, and both schools have long rivalries with Boise State, Nevada, Utah State, and Wyoming. I don't think Montana and Montana State can go to another conference without each other(State Law).

10) Portland State and/or Eastern Washington

Portland State was thrown in cause its in a metro area, has a reasonably big stadium 20,000 and could help us recruit up in the great northwest that no sports networks ever talks about recruiting in! Eastern Washington can hold 11,000 at full attendance and they are planning on adding upwards of 5,000 more seats to the stadium which would bring it closer to 16,000. If we do invite them, id ask them to add up to 20,000 as a baseline. The red turf would also make it the 2nd colored turf in the country(Boise States smurf-turf)

11) Tulsa/Utep

Grabbing Tulsa would be a good idea, and would add Oklahoma/Texas to our recruiting belt. UTEP has long standing rivalries with New Mexico and Nevada.

12) Idaho

Yea they have the Kibby Dome and they can't get 1,000 people to pack the place, but what if we just asked Idaho to join if we needed them, if we got raided down to the bare bones.

No matter what the outcome of conference expansions I will always be a fan of NCAA sports. Lets just hope we don't end up as the next WAC or even worse, the next Big East, oh the horror!

- TmStffrd

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