Bracketology: ESPN's Joe Lunardi projects 6 MWC teams in 2013 NCAA.

A record 6 MWC teams are projected to make the field of 68 in 2013 - MWC Connection

ESPN's own Joe Lunardi has 6 MWC in his latest edition of bracketology.

Even before the season, many knew that the MWC would be juiced in 2012-13. I had projected that there would be 4 MWC making it to the 2013 NCAA Tournament, heck i thought 4 was a stretch. Then Wyoming started the year by going 13-0, with a win over Colorado, and Boise State took down Creighton in Omaha. Next thing we know there are 6 MWC teams in contention for a bid in the 2013 NCAA Tournament, even Joe Lunardi thinks so.

  • No. 5 New Mexico vs. No. 12 Brigham Young
  • No. 5 San Diego State vs. No. 12 Akron
  • No. 7 UNLV vs. No. 10 Kentucky
  • No. 9 Boise State vs. No. 8 Ole Miss
  • No. 10 Wyoming vs. No. 7 Kansas State
  • No. 11 Colorado State vs. No. 11 Iowa State (No. 6 VCU in waiting)

It appears as Joe Lunardi has bought into the MWC along with SB Nation's Chris Dobbertea, who also is projecting 6 MWC teams in his bracketology, even I am starting to believe in the MWC strength: how each team will perform in the tournament is yet to be seen. My bracket sees 6 MWC teams making the field, but with slightly different seeds.

Philadelphia Auburn Hills (Thu/Sat)
1 Duke 1 Michigan
16 Loyola (MD) or Norfolk State
16 Bryant
8 Pittsburgh
8 Notre Dame
9 Boise State
9 Oklahoma State
Auburn Hills
5 Michigan State
5 Virginia Commonwealth
12 Bucknell
12 Memphis
4 Butler 4 North Carolina State
13 Ohio 13 Middle Tennessee State
Dayton Kansas City
6 Oregon 6 Kansas State
11 Iowa State
11 North Carolina
3 Ohio State
3 Minnesota
14 Harvard 14 Valparaiso
Philadelphia Lexington
7 Miami (FL)
7 Georgetown
10 Kentucky
10 Wyoming
2 Syracuse 2 Florida
15 Stony Brook
15 Florida Gulf Coast
Los Angeles
Lexington Kansas City
1 Louisville
1 Kansas
16 Charleston Southern or Southern University
16 North Dakota State
8 Ole Miss
8 Wichita State
9 Baylor
9 Marquette
San Jose
San Jose
5 UCLA 5 Illinois
12 Brigham Young
12 Colorado State or Colorado
4 San Diego State
4 Missouri
13 Belmont
13 Davidson
Salt Lake City
6 Wisconsin
6 New Mexico
11 Utah State
11 Oklahoma or Texas A&M
3 Arizona
3 Creighton
14 Montana 14 Stephen F. Austin
Salt Lake City
7 UNLV 7 Cincinnati
10 Temple
10 Maryland
2 Gonzaga 2 Indiana
15 Cal State Fullerton
15 Delaware
To Lexington
To Austin
16 Charleston Southern
11 Oklahoma
16 Southern University
11 Texas A&M
To Philadelphia To San Jose
16 Loyola (MD)
12 Colorado State
16 Norfolk State
12 Colorado

*Credit goes to for the template of the bracket.

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