NCAA Football 2014 team ratings: Comparing figures to advanced stats

Gregory Shamus

EA Sports released their initial 2014 team ratings, and now is the time to compare them to Football Outsiders F/+ rankings.

The details of the team ratings for EA Sports NCAA 2014 were released on Tuesday, and there were some peculiar guesses rankings, like Hawaii being ranked as the fourth best team. Plus, EA Sports seems to put a lot of extra value towards BCS level schools, even one's that are not very good.

Also, their ratings have a base of a 60 rating, and that makes sense as their are ways to use FCS teams in EA's game, but that also only gives 39 points between the worst teams and the best team. For example, Alabama has a 99 rating, but that would mean they are a historic, off the charts and one of the all-time best teams. That is not likely the case, the best team perhaps, but probably not an all-time great.

With some help with our SB Nation friends, they already put together a chart that breaks down the current F/+ ratings comparing them to the initial EA ratings, plus have done so for offense and defense.

So, make sure to check the entire list, but for our purposes we have the Mountain West comparison (ranking is national):

National ranking Team F/+ EA Diff
No. 12 Boise State 91 86 +5
No. 49 Utah State 81 75 +6
No. 50 Fresno State 81 81 0
No. 60 San Diego State 78 84 -6
No. 70 San Jose State 77 77 0
No. 71 Nevada 77 75 +2
No. 77 Air Force 76 70 +6
No. 102 Hawaii 70 77 -7
No. 104 Wyoming 70 75 -5
No. 106 Colorado State 69 72 -3
No. 107 UNLV 69 72 -3
No. 121 New Mexico 64 65 -1

So, as one can see their are a lot of differences, and a few noticeable one's are that Hawaii and Air Force take their respective jump and dive from the EA Sports rankings.

It is tough to stomach that there are five of the 12 Mountain West teams are ranked in the 100 range of the F/+ rankings. New Mexico will be better so seeing them at No. 121 and the worst team in the Mountain West seems unlikely.

Team Off F/+ Off EA Off Diff Def F/+ Def EA Def Diff
Air Force 78 68 10 76 71 5
Boise State 87 90 -3 91 82 9
Colorado State 70 74 -4 73 73 0
Fresno State 78 84 -6 84 78 6
Hawaii 69 77 -8 76 76 0
Nevada 83 77 6 73 73 0
New Mexico 71 67 4 64 66 -2
San Diego State 76 84 -8 82 83 -1
San Jose State 79 81 -2 77 76 -1
UNLV 72 75 -3 72 70 2
Utah State 77 77 0 85 75 10
Wyoming 75 77 -2 70 75 -5

Air Force's offense rightfully took a big jump. Their rushing offense will be top-five in the country, and be above average in points per game. However, seeing San Diego State having that much of a difference is odd since running back Adam Muema is one of the better backs in the Mountain West. Wide receiver is a question for the Aztecs since they lost Gavin Escobar to the NFL.

Also, Boise State's defense take a rise makes sense since their defense should be one of the top few in the Mountain West, if not the best.

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