Some students, alumni still oppose Colorado State on-campus stadium

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

During the public comment portion of Thursday's board of governor's meeting, a few people made their opposition known about a new on-campus football stadium. However, those complainers need to do their research as Colorado State just raised $537.7 million for academics. For more Mountain West Connection

On Thursday, the Colorado State board of governors approved to move forward to allow fundraising to begin toward Colorado State's on-campus football stadium. However, during the public comment portion there were people who were against the stadium, not that having people go against a football stadium is nothing new.

Here are some of the quotes about those who are against the stadium:

"If you want to build an on-campus building, you should build a research center," said one student.

Another speaker was 73-year-old Jean Yule, a lifelong Fort Collins resident and a fourth-generation CSU student. Yule told the board that she knows of a retired CSU professor who was planning on leaving "more than six figures" to the school after his death, but that he changed his will after plans to leave Hughes Stadium north of Fort Collins for a new football complex were announced

"I set up an appointment to talk with the school about financial planning, but I'm going to call and tell them I'm giving my money this year to Save Our Stadium Hughes," Yule said later. "I'm in a muddle about this. I've always tried to be generous to CSU but they're really trying my patience with this."

After the meeting, Bob Vangermeersch, a SOS Hughes leader, said, "They're going forward, but there's still apprehension about where it is that we're going."

If people are against the stadium, they at least need to do their homework on what they are opposing. One commentator, Andrew Q brings up excellent points:

To the student who said if they are going to build a stadium then they should build a research center: LOOK OUTSIDE. The entire campus has undergone vast improvement since I was a student there 8 years ago. CSU isn't just focusing on athletics. Why can't the opposition get that through their thick skulls?

And how is this UNFAIR to women's athletics? How? They are upgrading MOBY they have built new facilities for practice and academics that benefits ALL athletics.

And to the lady who is giving the money to SOS Hughes, what the heck are they going to do with it? Unless they donate it to a charity nothing good will come of giving it to them.

I can't believe this. Raise 500 million for the university nobody says a darn thing, then start talking about a new football stadium and it's "the univeristy is forgetting what it is there for".

Man if the people who are against this and fighting tooth and nail for it to not happen, just imagine if they put that effort towards a REAL problem.

Fine. Cancel all athletics and hike up the tuition to the point that NOBODY can afford it. Finally they'll be happy as they smile and watch the town die.

He is right, the school raised over $500 million and six months ahead of schedule. Below is what that money accomplished for the school with six months left:

• $508.3 million raised to date
• 15,372 scholarships awarded
• $59 million raised for new scholarships
• 16 new chairs and professorships
• 39 facilities built or renovated
• 66 donations of $1 million or more
• 32,323 CSU alumni donations ($81.4 million)
• 430 new planned gifts

So, saying that the school needs to upgrade their academic facilities really need to do their research. Plus, that $500 million plus was reached back in February of this year. Those people would have a right to disagree had there not been a recent push to raise money for academics, but they just raised a half-billion dollars which is no small feat.

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