19-Year-Old Josh Butts Arrested For Driving Drunk In Mike Locksleys Car

To say the tenure of New Mexico Lobo head coach Mike Locksley has been a rocky ride is a vastly understatement. HIs Saturday got even worse after an embarrassing loss to Sam Houston State 48-45 in overtime, but that was not the worst part of his night. 

According to a report from KOB.com a Joshua Butts was pulled over on his way to the Sam Houston State game when he nearly hit a pedestrian:

A teenager claimed to be a UNM Lobo football recruit as police arrested him for DWI in head coach Mike Locksley's vehicle. Joshua Butts, 19 was pulled over in a dark blue SUV near University Stadium moments before Saturday's kickoff.

Butts showed signs of impairment and stumbled when he got out of the vehicle. According to the police report, he told police he was brought from Chicago to play football and that he was on his way to the game in, "coaches car."

Butts is listed in Rivals.com database as part of the 2010 class, however his profile never had New Mexico as a school of interest or an offer. Nor is he listed as a college football player.

KOB.com came out with another report later that night specifying more of the details:

According to a police report, Josh Butts was driving a dark blue Ford SUV "at an extreme high rate of speed" in front of University Stadium. The car almost struck a pedestrian and was immediately pulled over. Butts, a 19-year old from Illinois, told the officer he was driving "coach's car". After a series of field sobriety tests, Butts was arrested and later posted a .16 on an alcohol breath test.

According to the police report, Butts told the arresting officer that "Mr. Locksley brought him in from Chicago to play and gave him the vehicle to use."

A UNM spokesman said Butts is not a recruit but just a friend of the family.

The University did release a statement saying that the car is registered to Meiko Lockslwy who is Mike Locksley's son. Butts was high school teammates of Meiko Locksley, who currently is a walk-on defensive back for the Lobos.

The Sam Houston State game kicked off at 4 p.m. local time and Butts was drunk upon arrival, not a good sign. Also, this may not directly involve Locksley, having his name tossed out from Butts and that the car was registered to his son is still not good. Curious if Butts was tossing around Locksley's name to show that he is a big deal, but odds are people in Albuquerque not sure how many people would be awed by saying you know Mike Locksley.

We all know the prior allegations against Locksley where he punched a wide receivers coach and was involved in a sexual harassment case. Then there is his current record of 2-26, so we will see how long Locksley is around coaching New Mexico.

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