Mountain West Connection Pick Em': Week 3 (New Players Welcome!)

Welcome to Week 3! Last week, some had very good weeks and others had terrible weeks. This was mostly due to the large variety of picks. Six games last week had about an equal amount of picks on both sides and that created bad records and good records. Speaking of good records, two of last week's newcomers almost went undefeated in their first week.

Chiefsfan_in_Tacoma was inches away from a 13-0 week, literally. Had Chris Relf been able to extend the ball over the goal line in the Auburn vs. Mississippi State game, MSU would have had a chance at winning the game and making Chiefsfan_in_Tacoma undefeated. The other newcomer, joe bob priddy, picked all of the tough games correctly, but was dead wrong by being one of only two people to pick Texas State to beat Wyoming.

For newcomers, don't freak out when you see the standings. The reason you are all the way at the bottom of the standings is because your first week has not been ruled out yet. We don't rule out your worst two weeks until after Week 4, so bear with us for the next couple of weeks as the standings are a little scued.

Last week's tiebreaker score went to another newcomer, HSridge, who was the closest to the 16 point score margin in the TCU-Air Force game by predicting a 40-27 TCU victory.

We also have a new outright leader on top of the standings in bfsinc, who had another 11-2 week to follow up last week's 11-2 record.

This is the final week to join the Pick Em' game. After this week, entry will be closed. If you are interested, just go ahead and comment! The game is a lot of fun and gives you rooting interests in big national games on TV. If you join this week, you will have both of your drops used in the first two weeks since you technically went 0-13 in those weeks.

Week 2 Standings:


Week 2 Picks:




Overall Scores (Total):


Overall Scores (MWC):


Week 3 Picks:

! indicates a Non MWC-affiliated game.

Boise State @ Toledo

Wyoming @ Bowling Green
Colorado State vs. Colorado
Louisiana-Monroe @ TCU
! Michigan State @ Notre Dame
Texas Tech @ New Mexico
Nevada @ San Jose State
Washington State @ San Diego State
! Ohio State @ Miami (FL)
! Oklahoma @ Florida State
! Utah @ BYU
North Dakota @ Fresno State
Hawaii @ UNLV

Week 2 Bonus/Tiebreaker: Score in Oklahoma @ Florida State game

Keep in mind that you need to get in your picks for each and every game by 8:00 P.M. ET on Friday or none of your picks will count.



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