Mountain West Non-Conference Football Games For 2012 and Beyond

As you might have suspected, I was inspired by the link in Jeremy's "Making the Rounds" post yesterday regarding Nevada rescheduling their matchup with Washington to the 2018 season in order to accommodate the Huskies' new agreement with San Diego State.  I knew teams planned home-and-homes and stuff like that in advance, but I was taken by surprise by this particular bit of extreme rescheduling.

And then I got to thinking:  What kind of agreements do the other Mountain West teams have for 2012 and beyond?  Thanks to, it wasn't hard to find the answers, so here's a quick rundown of what I thought were the most interesting matchups:

Air Force

Everyone knows they'll have their annual get-togethers with Army and Navy until the end of time (America, eff yeah!), but the Falcons could face a very improved MIchigan Wolverines team in 2012 (September 8).  They'll also play host to Oklahoma State in 2015 and make a trek to Stillwater in 2016.

Boise State

The Broncos certainly try to schedule like a BCS-conference team.  They'll kick off the entire 2014 season in Atlanta against Ole Miss, and have a home-and-home with Michigan State in 2022-23.

Colorado State

Hopefully, the Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners will have acclimated themselves to life in the FBS by 2015 because they'll kick off a 4-year run of games with the Rams that year.  CSU also has a home-and-home with Minnesota in 2015-16.

Fresno State

It's a big deal that Ole Miss is coming to the Valley this year, the first SEC team to trek to Bulldog Stadium, but the Rebels pale in comparison to the home date scheduled on September 13, 2014:  Nebraska comes to town.  It'd be the biggest game in Fresno since, at least in my opinion, the 2008 game against Wisconsin.


It doesn't look too difficult to convince teams to come to the islands, judging from the list of teams going to Honolulu in the coming years:  USC and BYU in 2013, Washington and Oregon State in 2014, and Colorado in 2015.


Someone made the comment in the other post about a game against the Florida State Seminoles in 2013, and that is something I would definitely watch.  The Wolf Pack also host Oregon that year, and have a home-and-home against Arizona in 2014-15.

New Mexico

Nothing really taxing in the years to come for the Lobos, which may or may not be a good thing depending on whether they improve, but a home-and-home against Arizona State in 2014-15 should be a challenge.

San Diego State

Like UNM, nothing really jumps off the page, but home-and-homes against Oregon State (2013-14), Navy (2014-15) and Arizona State (2017-18) should count for something if those teams are still solid.


Running Rebels fans will hope to root for a contender in a few years, and it seems they've built a schedule to match their potential progress.  Arizona (2013-14), Navy (2014-17) and UCLA (2015-16) will make trips to Vegas.


What's the point of a schedule if you aren't going to aim high?  After hosting Nebraska this year, the Cowboys make two trips to Lincoln in 2013 and 2016.  Wyoming also has home-and-homes with Oregon (2014-15) and Missouri (2017-18).

So if you're a fan of any of those teams, which matchups down the road hold the most allure for you?

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