Mountain West Connection Pick Em': Week 13

I apologize for not having this post up yesterday. I've been tied up with Thanksgiving plans and that put me in a bit of a bind.

We are in the final week of the regular season! This means that this is the final week to secure your playoff spot before we have our play-in week during championship week. If, after this week concludes, you are in the Top 7 spots of the standings, then you are guaranteed a playoff spot. This does not lock the seeding, which can change from the results of Week 14, but it does guarantee you a playoff spot.

If you do not finish in the Top 7, then don't be worried, you aren't eliminated. The 8th and final spot of the playoffs is awarded to the contestant who has the best record in Week 14. This obviously doesn't include the seven who already have claims on playoff spots. Basically anyone who has submitted picks this season is eligible to get into the playoffs so long as you have the best Week 14 record among those fighting for the final spot. If there is a tie for the best record, then the tiebreaker is overall record, MWC record, Bonuses, and then number of weekly wins.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's get to last week's action! Last week, pack_fan and wolfmanshowlforever both forgot to submit picks and Jeremy Mauss went 6-7. This left the door open for rebelfan1 (myself) to make an important jump up to the 6th spot and temporarily into a guaranteed playoff spot.

Speaking of important movements, for the first time in a while, we have a leader at the top of the standings not named Chiefsfan_in_Tacoma at the top of the standings. joe bob priddy has finally outdone him in order to get to the top of the standings and temporarily take over the top spot of the standings.

As for last week's Bonus/Tiebreaker, I was spot on with my prediction last week. I said that Penn State would beat Ohio State 20-14 and that is exactly what happened. As a result, I receive what is now my third Bonus/Tiebreaker for this year.

More analysis after the jump!

As for the playoff picture, here is what it looks like as to who will get the seven guaranteed playoff spots:

1. joe bob priddy
2. Chiefsfan_in_Tacoma
3. HawkeyedFrog
4. coronabronc
5. bfsinc
6. rebelfan1
7. uncledougy
8. pack_fan
9. Jeremy Mauss
10. wolfmanshowlforever

pack_fan is one game behind the seven spot, Jeremy Mauss is two games behind and wolfmanshowlforever is three games behind. With so many tough games to pick this weekend, it is very possible for any of these three to have a great week or possibly take advantage of a bad week by bfsinc, rebelfan1, or uncledougy. The bottom line is that this is the final week and you're going to have to post a good week in order to get a guaranteed playoff spot.

Here's all of those juicy stats:

Week 12 Standings:


Week 12 Picks:


Overall Scores (Total):


Overall Scores (MWC):


Week 13 Picks:

! indicates a Non-MWC Affiliated game.

! Arkansas @ LSU

! Georgia @ Georgia Tech
! Ohio State @ Michigan
Wyoming @ Boise State
Nevada @ Utah State
! Alabama @ Auburn
! Penn State @ Wisconsin
Air Force @ Colorado State
! Florida State @ Florida
! Clemson @ South Carolina
! Notre Dame @ Stanford
San Jose State @ Fresno State
San Diego State @ UNLV

Week 13 Bonus/Tiebreaker: Score in the Arkansas @ LSU game.


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