Getting To Know Oklahoma From The Crimson And Cream Machine

NORMAN OK - SEPTEMBER 11: Oklahoma Sooners cheerleaders perform during a game against the Florida State Seminoles at Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium on September 11 2010 in Norman Oklahoma. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The last of today's interviews comes from the excellent Oklahoma site Crimson and Cream Machine.

1. What does Oklahoma expect to do in the passing game against an Air Force secondary that is the best in the Mountain West and was a top 15 defense last year; plus they returned most of the same players from last years team?

I expect the Sooners to test the AF secondary to find out if they're the real deal or not. Its uncertain if their outstanding performance against BYU last weekend was because they're that good or because BYU is starting over with new offensive personnel this season. I think that it was a little bit of both and after facing a Florida State defense last week that was horrible I think we can expect to learn a lot more about both Oklahoma's pass offense and the AF secondary this weekend.

2. Air Force is tough to prepare since their offense is the seldom used triple option and usually no matter the opponent Air Force gets their yards. Is this defense disciplined enough to defend the option offense?
We'll find out! I realize that sounds generic but this is a unique test for Oklahoma's defense. They are going to have to play fundamental and assignment football to stop the triple option attack.

The primary concern in Oklahoma's defense is on the corners where in the season opener against Utah State they bit hard on the play fakes all night leading to some big plays by the Aggies.

3. Besides quarterback Landry Jones, what players on offense should Air Force keep an eye on?

You certainly need to be aware of DeMarco Murray in the backfield and Ryan Broyles in the slot receiver position. Broyles may turn out to be the best receiver in the country and has been complimented by Cameron Kenney who is off to a very solid start to the season.

4. What is the Oklahoma fan perception of playing a service Academy team? Is this game being perceived as an automatic victory by Sooner Fan?

I certainly think that its a team Oklahoma should beat if the Sooners are going to be anywhere near as good as we think that they are. You have to appreciate the service academies for what these men represent and I would hope that they are shown the proper amount of respect and appreciation on Saturday in Norman.

5, What will it take for Air Force to win this game?

For them to win they'll have to stop an Oklahoma offense that caught fire last weekend. Allowing 200 yards on the ground to BYU doesn't bode well for what's coming their way Saturday through DeMarco Murray but if the Falcons can manage to put the breaks on Oklahoma's offense then they'll certainly be in the game.

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