Winners & Losers


Boise State Broncos, Nevada Wolfpack & Fresno State Bulldogs - finally get to join their peers in the MWC.  They're good schools & football teams and it's win-win for them/the current MWC teams & the MWC.

Houston Cougars - get to go to a soon-to-be BCS conference.  They didn't fit in well with Rice, SMU, Tulsa & Tulane in C-USA West as the big public school & had to share the city with Rice.

San Diego State, UNLV, BYU, TCU - get natural rivals with the addition of the 3 WAC teams & Houston.

Mountain West escapes from expansion virtually unscathed. Losing Utah sucks but it's understandable. BYU is stuck with the MWC after the WAC raid.  The Pac-12 won't add anymore MWC schools.  Big IIX won't add any Texas schools so TCU & Houston are staying put. MWC can create 2 smart 6-team divisions with 2 CA, 2 NV, 1 ID, 1 UT schools in the West & 2 TX, 2 CO, 1 NM & 1 WY schools in the East/Mountain. Creates a Championship Game to be played in Las Vegas, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Houston, Dallas and/or Denver. Really carved out a niche as the in between Pac-12 & Big IIX conference.  Should become a BCS conference without the Super Mountain C-USA game. The only at-risk move would be Big IIX coming after New Mexico, Colorado State, Air Force or BYU.

BYU - gets MWC closer to a BCS bid by instigating the expansion to 12 teams by plotting to put their other sports in the WAC forcing this whole thing. Now quit whining & prove it on the field if you think you're so much better than everyone else.

Nevada & Fresno State win double because there won't be any WAC to cut a $5 million check to.  They should call Benson up & say $20 mil would've been fine with them.

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs finally get to go back East by replacing Houston in the C-USA & aren't stuck going down with the rest of the WAC



BYU - Pac 10 didn't want you.  Big IIX doesn't want you.  Utah abandoned you.There's no WAC left.  You're non-revenue sports are too good for WCC & Big West.  Your Independent football dream is shot. I do agree your too good for Utah State though.

Unwanted Five:

Hawaii Warriors have been in the WAC since 1979 & have seen 16 schools leave it.  Unlike the rest of the 'Unwanted Five" they are a good football team - 8 wins/year in the 2000s & a BCS Sugar Bowl. Hawaii will go Independent in football & try to schedule home&home's with good teams. Hawaii has the most to lose because they're the only team that has ever won. Rest of its' sports join the non-football Big West's 9 California schools.

New Mexico State Aggies, Utah State Aggies & Idaho Vandals - Go back with their tails between their legs to football-only Sun Belt members after 6-7 failed WAC seasons.  Good riddens. Rest of sports join Hawaii in the Big West (where they belong).

San Jose State Spartans are completely left out in the cold.  There's not a geographic reason like in Hawaii's case why nobody wants them.  They're not as bad as the above 3 teams but they're not good either so unless the state of California cuts their football to save money they must be an Independent.  There's no safety Sun Belt to land in.  Other sports could join he now crowded 14 team Big West.

WAC - 1962 to 2012.  RIP.

Utah State loses twice because they were invited to fill the MWC's possible Utah void with BYU becoming Independent & they said no. Good luck now ever amounting to anything.

Big IIX - there are 8 12-team leagues with Championship games now.  Only you and the Big East can't get it together. The allowances you made Texas have destroyed your conference.


Sun Belt gets to 12 football teams & gets a Football Championship probably in New Orleans Super Dome.

I think the Big East will add a 9th football team for 8 conference games - ideally Navy since they have their baggage sports in the Patriot League so the addition won't affect previous Big East basketball.  But I think Central Florida is more likely for all sports to give South Florida a travel partner.  North Texas replaces them in C-USA (West) / LA Tech moves to C-USA East. Sun Belt replaces N Texas with South Alabama's new football team in 2013.

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