Mountain West Coaches Named Top Recruiters In the Country

Three of the Mountain West coaches were highlighted by Rivals as being top 25 recruiters from across the nation.  Surprising to me was that no TCU coach was on the list but rather coaches from BYU, Utah, and Colorado State.

Here is what is what Rivals says about each coach:

Buzz: Doman helped the Cougars land one of the best classes outside the "Big Six" conferences. He signed all the in-state recruits for the Cougars, including talented prospects Algrenon Brown, Toloa'i Ho Ching, Tuni Kanuch, Joey Owens and Bryan Sampson. But where he really made his mark was with the recruitment of Jake Heaps. The nation's No. 1 quarterback, Heaps was recruited by a host of national programs. However, Doman convinced Heaps that Provo was the best place for him. Heaps could play as a freshman next season. Without Doman, Heaps wouldn't have signed with BYU.

BYU easily won the state of Utah by getting 10 of the 16 recruits they offered.  Jake Heaps was the obvious big pull and if not for Doman grabbing Heaps the Cougars may not have had Ross Apo and Zac Stout in the 2010 class.  This class could be special if Doman is able to put together similar classes in the upcoming years.

Buzz: Scalley was responsible for recruiting the Houston area, and he managed to beat Big 12 programs such as Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Missouri for several players from Texas. Scalley's early evaluations on guys like Josh Huff, Archie Muniz and Terrell Reese were spot on. That became more apparent when several schools tried to poach his recruits. The biggest feat for Scalley was landing Reese, a Rivals250 receiver. Scalley stole Reese right from under the nose of Texas A&M, which is just a 50-mile drive from Reese's hometown. Scalley was also the recruiting coordinator for one of the top classes outside of the "Big Six" Conferences.

The Utes did hit Texas hard especially the Houston area -- as Rivals mentions -- and is making huge strides in the state to garner the type of athletes Utah wants.  What is more impressive is that this is Scalley's first year as the recruiting coordinator for Utah.

Buzz: In the past three years, Meyer has gone from a strength and conditioning coach at Florida State to the offensive coordinator at Colorado State. Now, he's a member of's top 25 recruiters. Meyer was the lead recruiter on 12 of Colorado State's 27 signees. He went into Florida and convinced 10 players to head to Fort Collins. Meyer also went into Texas to help solidify Tony Drake, a one-time Michigan commitment. Meyer's effort helped CSU finish in the top 60 nationally and fourth in the Mountain West behind national powers Utah, BYU and TCU. The Rams also finished ahead of in-state rival Colorado largely thanks to Meyer.

The Rams have a gem in Pat Meyer and is able to get players from to go to the desolate  the outdoorsy area of Fort Collins from warm weather states. While they were fourth in Rivals Mountain West rankings and a distant third behind TCU they were able to pick up one of only twelve recruits that were a four star and thirteen three star recruits which was just a few away from the big three.  Now if the Rams can put it together on the field they could head back to the Sunny Lubbick days of winning conference titles.

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