Why Nevada, Temple, Texas headline my playoff proposal.

I want a playoff. You, probably, want a playoff. So I put one together and it could happen next year if the right people wanted it to for an investment of just $7 million. Why? Because it is easier to start at the bottom of the mountain and climb to the top than it is to start at the top and fall to the bottom.

I am all for an 8 team playoff. I think you should take the top 6 (based on rankings) conference champions and 2 at-large teams (based on rankings) for a 3-round 8 team playoff. There is still some controversy like snubbed Arkansas (and snubbed Michigan State, Nevada, and VT), but most of those teams lost games elite teams should have won (VT to FCS James Madison, Nevada to 24 Hawaii, and Michigan State to NR Iowa). There would be no AQ's and a limit of 2 teams per conference. Here is what that would look like for 2010 year:

8 Ohio State @ 1 Auburn

5 Oklahoma @ 4 Wisconsin

7 Stanford @ 2 Oregon

6 Boise @ 3 TCU

Realistically, that could not happen even if you had a billion dollars. Definitely not this year, and not next year either. So what could you do with say, 7 million dollars ($.5 million for each team for each game)? I say, start a more realistic playoff with teams that would love a chance at 3 more games to prove they are better than the other 7. Start with the teams that went bowling, but got put in a bad situation that might not be as good as a playoff. I found 3:

The Big 3 that crossed over:

1. 15 Nevada (12-1): while they lobbied for the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, it's more like rotten Velveeta. Nevada would be the #1 seed in this playoff, could host 3 games at home against big name teams, and wouldn't have to play in a baseball stadium.

2. Pittsburgh (7-5): capped a disappointing season by pushing out their coach and landing in one of the most irrelevant bowls in the second week of January against Kentucky. Panther fans will forget about a win in the BBVA Compass Bowl against the 6-6 Wildcats and Jan 8, but they would remember a Playoff Championship.

3. Washington (6-6): While the Holiday Bowl is a big name bowl, they get to play Nebraska again. Did you see what Nebraska did to Arizona in the same bowl game last year? Did you see Jake Locker's dreadful performance against them this year. Progressive Seattlites might appreciate their Huskies in a progressive play off system.

The other 5:

4. Temple (8-4): For those who are claiming the system worked this year, take a good look at Temple who is watching the bowl season on the couch even with 8 wins, one of which is over a team in the Fiesta Bowl (Connecticut). I'd say they would take an offer to play in the playoffs.

5. Arizona State (6-6): Not bowl eligible because they played 2 FCS teams. Screwed by a technicality, the Sun Devils got to stay at home. Well, not under my plan. A win is a win. An Orange Bowl team lost to FCS James Madison. I'd give ASU credit for at least winning those games by inviting them to my playoff.

6. Texas (5-7): Sure the Longhorns probably want to forget about 2010 and move on to Basketball season, but after missing out on the BCS Championship 2 years ago by a technicality, they'd be willing to stick it to the man and try their luck in my playoff.

7. Indiana (5-7): I have to be honest and say that I know nothing about the Hoosiers other than they got smoked by just about everyone they lost to and they just signed a new coach to a 7 year deal. And I knew nothing about Butler last March and was cheering them on in April. Every tournament needs a Cinderella.

8. Colorado (5-7): Beat Georgia which made me smile. They also beat Hawaii. They seemed to play better after Dan Hawkins got the boot. Who knows, they could get hot and make some noise in the playoffs.

The Waiting List:

Oregon State (5-7); Houston (5-7); Western Michigan (6-6); Idaho (6-7); Louisiana Tech (5-7)

Some schools might not want to participate in my playoff just yet. Others might. Oregon State got left out because they are the 3rd PAC-10 team. Western Michigan got left out because, like Indiana, I know nothing about them. Houston need a Case Keenum. Idaho almost lost to SJSU (but so did Wisconsin). Louisiana Tech is probably the best 5-7 Non-AQ team in the country which gives us all something to cry about (just the way we like it).

Round 1:

8 Indiana 10 @ 1 Nevada 42

5 Arizona State 28 @ 4 Washington 31

7 Colorado 20 @ 2 Temple 21

6 Texas 14 @ 3 Pitt 10

Round 2:

4 Washington 28 @ 1 Nevada 35

6 Texas 28 @ 2 Temple 21


6 Texas 22 @ 1 Nevada 24


All we would need is $7 million. Would you watch the 2010 playoffs? Do you think the 2011 playoffs could get better teams than 2010? Do you think the BCS would be gone by 2015? 2020?

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