TCU comes out of the weekend smelling like a rose

ALBUQUERQUE NM - NOVEMBER 27: Jake Kirkpatrick #76 and Andy Dalton #14 of the TCU Horned Frogs celebrate the win against the University of New Mexico Lobos on November 27 2010 at University Stadium in Albuquerque New Mexico. TCU won 66-17. (Photo by Eric Draper/Getty Images)

Final - 11.27.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
TCU Horned Frogs 24 7 21 14 66
New Mexico Lobos 7 10 0 0 17

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After spending close to an entire season under the shadow of Boise State it was getting kind of dark and dreary under there for Horned Frog fans.  I never thought I would be distraught and slightly depressed during an undefeated TCU football season, but I was thanks to the corrupt BCS that makes it plausible for a 12-0 non-AQ team to get left out of the promised land of BCS bowl berths due to outcomes outside of a teams control (looking at you Utah). 

Then Friday night all of that worry went out the window when Nevada somehow came out with a victory against Boise State in one of the wildest conclusions to a game that I have ever witnessed.  However after I processed what the hell happened in Reno I didn't feel quite like I thought I would, all I felt was sympathy for Boise State and an overriding sense of relief like the weight of Mark Mangino had been lifted off my shoulders. 

Why sympathy for Boise State?  Because I legitimately thought they were the best team in the country and could and would beat anyone in a title game, including my Horned Frogs.  Because they lost the game due to two missed game-changing chip shot field goals, which TCU can relate to.  Because the BCS and the media made TCU and Boise enemies instead of partners in crime like they should have been.  TCU and Boise were like two lobsters killing eachother to be the first one out of the pot instead of working together for a grand escape and then pinching the fat chef on the arse.  Because TCU and Boise were competing for one spot but without being granted the opportunity to play it on the field but instead on the field of public opinion and perception through PR firms and talking heads in the media.  Because we need a playoff. 

Moral of the story?  I am ecstatic that TCU is in a position where the worst case bowl destination is the Rose Bowl and the 'ship is in reach, but I feel and very much understand the pain of the folks from the blue, my condolences and I can't wait to finally see our two teams actually play it out in the regular season next year.

New Mexico Game Notes:
After going up a quick 21-0 TCU let once again let their guard down and let the Lobos back in the game by halftime with a score of 31-17, this team needs to find that killer "kick 'em in the throat" mentality.
-I was getting restless at halftime so I drove to the gym to watch the second half from an elliptical machine as I burned off my frustrations.  On the way I was listening to ESPN Radio and they were piling on the Frogs saying, "TCU will get passed over for a title shot because of the poor outing against UNM, the Dalton injury, and an impending Utah loss to BYU."  I was basically blind with rage and disbelief but after an hour and and a half on the elliptical all was well, TCU blew out los Lobos, Dalton was fine, and the Utes pulled it out.  I'm just glad it's over, now we wait.
-What I wouldn't give to hear Patterson's halftime speech.  Whatever he said it did the trick.
-Dalton going down was one of the scariest moments of the season in my opinion, glad he's going to be ok.
-Dalton's injury did have a silver lining in the debut of Casey Pachall, who looks like the future at quarterback.
-Aundre Dean is a beast and needs more carries in real game situations.  I would like to see him become the TCU short-yardage back usurping Matthew Tucker.

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