Another expansion post - good ideas within?

The SEC was the 1st in 1992 - adding Arkansas & South Carolina to reach 12 teams, create East & West divisions & play a conference championship game in Atlanta.

In 2005, the ACC raided the Big East of Miami, Virginia Tech & Boston College to reach 12. The championship was in Jacksonville for 3 years, Tampa the past 2 years & Charlotte this year & next.

2010 was a big year because the Big Ten added Nebraska to reach 12 & the Pac-10 added Utah & Colorado to become the Pac-12. The Big Ten will play the championship game in Indianapolis & the Pac-10 decided to play it on the best team's home field.

The Big East has officially announced they'll expand to 10 teams.  The most likely additions are promoting Villanova from FCS & adding Central Florida from C-USA.  I don't see the point in topping there. Put Syracuse, UConn, Rutgers, Pitt, West VA & Nova in the North division.  Louisville, Cincinnati, USF & UCF need 2 more teams for the South division:

  1. Delaware - the flagship school of a small state in footprint. The Blue Hens are 1 of the most successful FCS teams is a rival of Villanova.  they announced expansion of the stadum from 22k to 30k.
  2. East Carolina - expanding stadium to 50k. is a college town with a passionate fan base. 
  3. To facilitate this - the football schools must band together to kick the 7 Catholic schools out. They can join with the 8 Atlantic-10 Catholic schools to create a new 16 team basketball conference.

The other BCS team without 12 schools is the Big XII.The midwest is slim pickings with all the good schools taken by the Big Ten.  To expand they must look west:

  1. Brigham Young - adds the Salt Lake City market. BYU is a BCS level school & needs someone to show them love.
  2. Colorado State - adds the Denver market & nice symmetry with the Pac-12 having Utah & Colorado. They can't be any worse than Iowa State so who's to say they don't deserve it.
  3. Split the divisions up East/West. Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State & Texas Tech join BYU & Colorado State out west.  Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa State are in the east. Protect rivalries with TX-OK, A&M-OK St, Baylor-TX Tech, KS-KS St, Missouri-BYU & CO St-Iowa St.

The Mountain West gets the 3rd turn to replace Colorado St & has a 12th spot.

  1. UTEP over Houston.
  2. Utah State to fill a hole in the footprint. They try hard & mean well - I'm sure they can grow into it.
  3. Gonzaga as the basketball & non-revenue sports replacement for Hawaii. 
  4. TCU-UTEP-NM-AF-UT St-WY in the Mountain & Boise St-NV-UNLV-Fresno St-San Diego St-Hawaii/Gonzaga in the West.

Then Conference USA needs to replace UCF, UTEP & ECU.

  1. Temple - needs a conference home.  too good for the mac. not good enough for the big east. stuck in no man's land - close enough to Marshall &...
  2. James Madison - a promotion for the FCS team that beat Virginia Tech this season.  They compete with Deleware & are also upgrading their stadium. After WV, UVA, VA Tech & Maryland - James Madison is the 5th best team in the area.
  3. Out West add Louisiana Tech.

Sun Belt makes a power play to jump over the WAC by stealing UTSA & Texas State for their West division. South Alabama joins the East for football to give them 12 teams.  I like the West with 3 TX, 2 LA & 1 AR school. Great footprint around the Gulf Coast.

Poor WAC only has 3 teams left. They need some major work by merging with the best conference at FCS - the Big Sky.

NORTH - Eastern Washington, Portland State, Idaho, Montana, Montana State, Weber State

SOUTH - San Jose State, Sacramento State, UC Davis, Cal Poly SLO, North Arizona, New Mexico State

Basketball  non-revenue could be a 16 team conference with Seattle & Portland in the North & Oakland & Denver in the South.

The MAC continues to be the MAC with 6 Ohio teams & 3 Michigan & no one caring.

FBS expands to 135 teams in 11 conferences + Notre Dame, Navy & Army.

BCS expands to 73.

"mid-major's" expands to 62.

Currently there are 35 bowl games for 70 teams.

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