Gary Patterson Presser

FORT WORTH TX - OCTOBER 16: Head coach Gary Patterson of the TCU Horned Frogs takes to the field with offensive guard Josh Vernon #78 and tackle Zach Roth #70 against the BYU Cougars at Amon G. Carter Stadium on October 16 2010 in Fort Worth Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Below are excerpts from Patterson's weekly press conference courtesy of

Opening Statement ...
"What a great season the Rangers had. I know it didn't end the way we wanted it to, but I was very excited for Nolan Ryan, the franchise and the Metroplex."

On this week's game with Utah ...
"It's a big week. You've got to go play ballgames. They all count for one. We knew this would be a big game, and we've both won our ballgames up to this point. The championship has always gone through Utah or Fort Worth, whether it be Utah, BYU or ourselves. Here we are again."

On Utah ...
"We understand the kind of football team they have. They're a good football team. I really admire the job that Coach (Kyle) Whittingham has done. They're physical on both sides of the football. Their quarterback (Jordan Wynn) has grown up. It's really helped them to get Matt Asiata back. They have a two-running back tandem, where they're able to rotate guys and stay fresh just like we have at our place. As usual, they're always physical and they always come at you on defense."

On any similarities between Utah and other teams on the schedule ...
"Oregon State is close. Baylor is very fast. Baylor will prepare us for their offense as far as the speed of the game and the things they do offensively. They're very physical and well coached on both sides of the football."

On going into the game with both teams highly ranked ...
"We're excited about it. This is the position you want to be in. You get the chance to have No. 3 versus No. 5 in the country. We get to go to their place with College GameDay. There are implications whether you win or lose, but we've got a chance to be there. There are a lot of people that would like to be in this position. That's the way we're looking at it."

On the challenges of playing at Utah ...
"One of the reasons they're very good is their student section is extremely loud. That's part of the atmosphere. You've got to love how that's part of the game. We have to make sure we're prepared for it. We'll play music behind the offense. We'll start with hand signals and visuals and all the things you have to do to prepare for that kind of environment."

On playing Utah for the final time as a Mountain West Conference member ...
"We've built a reputation, and we're good at what we do because of all the programs. That's why they call it a conference. The thing that is hard is that you've got to start over building your reputation as a conference. Boise State is coming in, which helps us, but nobody understands the make-up. Fresno State and Nevada then come in the next year, but you don't understand the make-up of how everybody plays, how everybody plays against each other, how they play on the road and at home. As a coach, you have to get used to that all over again and how you do things. It's just change. On a national scale, everyone else has to get to know us again as a conference."

On Utah quarterback Jordan Wynn ...
"When we played them last year, it was only his second game and the first time he had started on the road. He was the most valuable player of the Poinsettia Bowl as a freshman quarterback, and he just keeps doing what they want him to do. When he manages the game, gets them in the right play, they run the football and play action, they're good at what they do. We have to prepare for that."

On the play of TCU safety Colin Jones ...
"If you're going to win a championship, there are always going to be four or five guys on your team, that aren't an Andy Dalton, Jerry Hughes or Tank Carder, who are going to have to step up and make plays. Colin Jones has had an unbelievable year. He might be playing better than any safety we have, but nobody is talking about Colin Jones. You need to have people who step up and make plays and do the things that nobody notices. It's usually a senior who does it."

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