Debunking the SEC is Top Conference Myth

Here you go VA Libertarian..  The data is about a week old but its valid.

The fact is the SEC could be the best conference or they could be the 8th best... Like the MAC and C-USA they don't have a win over a quality opponent (more than one quality win itself) outside the SEC to prove otherwise.

Here is the logic.


"The perception of the SEC being so tough is just that... perception. And the only reason they have so many teams ranked in the top 25 (two of the only 3 loss teams to be ranked right now are in the SEC, the other is Texas A&M who belongs to the other BCS favorite Big 12) is that perception which fuels their rankings and the rankings in -turn fuel the perception. It's that simple. "


Texas A&M has one quality win in conference.. Oklahoma their other 5 wins: Stephen F. Austin, Louisiana Tech, Florida International, Kansas & Texas Tech. They have one quality loss (within 3 points) Oklahoma St.

North Carolina also has one quality win in conference; Florida State but their other 5 wins Rutgers, East Carolina, Clemson, Virginia, William & Mary

Florida doesn't have a single win over a quality opponent. Georgia , Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Miami (OH) & South Florida.

Penn State doesn't have a single win over a quality opponent either. Wins vs. Youngstown State, Kent State, Temple, Minnesota, Michigan, Northwestern.

Nor Michigan: Connecticut, Notre Dame, Massachusetts, Bowling Green, Indiana & Illinois. Nor Northwestern: Vanderbilt, Illinois State, Rice, Central Michigan, Minnesota & Indiana

What do Texas A&M, Penn St., Michigan North Carolina & Northwestern have in common with the SEC??

All of them have padded their wins with opponents who DON'T HAVE A SINGLE WIN OVER A QUALITY OPPONENT OUT OF CONFERENCE

Look at the wins the SEC has OOC. Arkansas State, Louisiana-Monroe, Chatanooga, San Jose State, Duke, Georgia State, McNeese State, Memphis, Alcorn State, UAB & Houston. AQ wins: Texas A&M, Penn State, W Virginia, North Carolina & Clemson. Clemson has a semi quality win vs North Carolina State, but they also lost to Boston College. Not a quality opponent.

So Texas A&M and North Carolina combine for 2 Quality Wins TOTAL over 144 games by their 16 OOC teams that can be substantiated.

But the fact remains, no one in the SEC has a quality win OUTSIDE the SEC to substantiate their having 4 ranked teams in the top 25. The SEC conference could be #1 or they could be #8 side by side with the MAC and C-USA.

At least Boise and Nevada have wins over Pac 10 schools and the Pac 10 schools have wins against the Big 10, Big XII, MWC, ACC, WAC and Independents. Many of which have wins over the Big East, Pac-10, Big 10, Big XII, Independents, MWC, and WAC. All forming a relativistic web that allows us to have something real to judge the validity of their rankings.

But with the SEC, MAC and C-USA all we have are indicators of how bad their losses are but no real indicator of how good their wins are. At best we can only guess. But without any quality wins, its equally valid to place these conferences at the bottom of the conferences as it is to place them any where else in the mix.

We all know that previous years mean nothing in evaluating present years, Look at Texas, or Penn State or USC or BYU. And it been proven that recruiting ranks mean nothing as well.

As its stands anyone can make a more compelling argument for Air Force, Hawaii, Nevada and San Diego State to be ranked based on their OOC performance THIS year, than they can for Alabama, Auburn, LSU or Mississippi.

Anyone can create a web of wins and losses with the Big XII, Pac 10, the MWC, the WAC using common opponents for those four unranked teams that makes more sense than any performance evaluation for the SEC. because no one in the SEC has an opponent with a quality win over a ranked team outside the SEC's own isolated bubble.

Let me repeat that last part just so no one can confuse it and try disputing it, The SEC ONLY has TWO opponents each with a SINGLE QUALITY WIN OVER A RANKED TEAM OUTSIDE THE SEC'S OWN ISOLATED BUBBLE.

THAT is an indisputable FACT. So with no external quality wins THIS year, you can't argue performance beyond OPINION & SPECULATION. You can't even establish a valid SOS because of the lack of external quality wins.

I welcome anyone to prove me wrong with real facts that reflect THIS year's performance, That means no SOS arguments, or historical arguments or recruiting ranking arguments.

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