Mountain West Connection Pick 'Em: Week 11

Week 10 is down, and I can't believe we've been at this for 10 weeks already. The playoffs are drawing near (yes, that's right - we have playoffs!), and the standings are getting tight.

To clarify how we'll be doing the playoffs, let me explain:
The top 7 participants will be automatically in. From there, we'll have a play-in round for the last spot. The play-in round will count towards everyone's overall record, and can also still impact the seeding of the top 7 (who, at that point will be automatically in). However, the top 7 cannot fall out of the playoffs in the play-in round no matter how poorly they play. The top participant from outside the top 7 (i.e. spots 8-15) in the play-in round will then be seeded as the 8th team for the playoffs. This play-in spot (No. 8) will be decided solely on performance in the play-in round, and participants previous records will not count towards play-in eligibility. Play-in round records will go to your overall record, however (the Premiership).

For a listing of the championships and awards we'll be playing for, look for more information after the jump. This information will be located after the pick 'em match-ups for Week 11.

Week 10's champion is dmbase, who captured his third weekly championship. Incredible. He gets the nod over Jeremy and bsgillis since he picked TCU in the tiebreaker (all three had 10-3 records). In terms of the overall bonus/tiebreaker, last week's winner was GoRammies, who picked the Frogs to win by the widest margin (most picked a tight score, and nobody predicted the type of carnage that actually occurred.)

Anyways, before we get to pickin' for Week 11, here's Week 10's picks and standings:

Week 10 Standings:

Week 10 Picks:

Overall Scores (Total):

Overall Scores (MWC):

And, with that said,  here's Week 11's match-ups to choose from:
*indicates non MWC-affiliated game

[Note before you pick: If you don't get your picks in before Friday's Boise State-Idaho game, I'll assume you picked Boise State. However, I will not assume the next two weeks as the Broncos take on Fresno State & Nevada, so be advised.]

Boise State @ Idaho

*Kansas State @ Missouri
BYU @ Colorado State
Utah @ Notre Dame
*Virginia Tech @ North Carolina
San Diego State @ TCU
New Mexico @ Air Force
*Texas A&M @ Baylor
*Mississippi State @ Alabama
*South Carolina @ Florida
*Southern Cal @ Arizona
Wyoming @ UNLV
Nevada @ Fresno State

This week's Tiebreaker/Bonus:
The score in the Nevada @ Fresno State game.

Championship/Award Info.:

We'll be playing for 3 major championships.
The Premiership: This championship goes to the participant with the best record from the regular season, the play-in round, and the playoffs/bowl season (which happen during bowl season) combined.
The Cup Championship: This championship goes to the winner of the playoffs. The playoffs will include the top 7 teams plus the play-in winner, and will take place during bowl season. The bowl season will be broken into 3 sections, and playoff participants will go head-to-head with a single opponent. Tiebreakers will still be in play should two head-to-head participants score the same record. The playoffs will be single-elimination, so if you lose in the first round, your scores will only go towards the Premiership and the Bowl Season Award.
The Plate Championship: This championship goes to the the participant with the best bowl season pick 'em score who did not make the playoffs. This championship will be open to anyone who wants to play, and will be tied to your bowl picks only (i.e. regular season performance will not help you).

We'll also be playing for a few minor awards.
The MWC Award: To the participant with the best overall MWC winning percentage, including playoffs/bowls and the regular season.
The Blue Ribbon Award: To the participant with the most weekly first-place finishes.
The +1 Award: To the participant with the most tiebreaker/bonus points.

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