Colorado State Rams Halfway Report

The Colorado State Rams have hit their half way mark at 1-5 and no conference wins.  This is about what I suspected they would be.  Think they still should have beaten Miami(OH) but 2-4 was the best I saw them doing at this point.  All that said it is still disappointing as a Rams fan and as a MWCConnection blogger.  The worse the Rams and other bottom teams do the worse TCU, Utah, and Air Force look to the voters.  I got my first midterm today so I feel like handing out some grades to the Rams.

Rams Football Schedule

Colorado Sat 09/04 L 3 - 24
@ Nevada Sat 09/11 L 6 - 51
@ Miami (Ohio) Sat 09/18 L 10 - 31
Idaho Sat 09/25 W 36 - 34
TCU Sat 10/02 L 0 - 27
@ Air Force Sat 10/09 L 27 - 49
UNLV Sat 10/16 11:00 AM PDT
@ Utah Sat 10/23 3:00 PM PDT
New Mexico Sat 10/30 3:00 PM PDT
@ San Diego St. Sat 11/06 7:00 PM PDT
BYU Sat 11/13 11:00 AM PST
@ Wyoming Sat 11/20 11:00 AM PST

vs Colorado: C-  For a young team in a game with the most fans they will see all year it was a decent performance.  The offense was stagnant cause of the run game and Pete Thomas threw three interceptions, none of them were bad throws, just poor communication and bad bounces.

vs Nevada: D-   They were not winning that game with a good offense anyways.  Allowing your opponent to score every time they touch the ball is unacceptable though.  This is when the Rams started to need a home game.

vs Miami(OH): Incomplete. I am pretty sure the Rams never showed up so they get an incomplete grade for this one.  That was the ugliest football game I have ever seen two "FBS" teams play in.  And some how the Rams got blown out of it.  They did get their first touchdown in garbage time so that kept them from getting expelled.  This is when the Rams really need a home game.

vs Idaho: B+  The offense showed up finally.  The defense had their moments and the special teams won the game after almost losing it.  A win felt good but the Rams finally competed and that was a big step for a young team.

vs TCU: C+  The first half was probably a B+.  But there are two halves to a football game and the Rams fell apart a bit in the second half.  The offense never showed up, but its TCU so no real complaints about that.

vs Air Force: C+ The Rams competed but were never in it.  They were not going to win that game, but they didn't roll up into a ball like the Nevada game or even the Miami(OH) game.  They ran the ball well and that saved it from a D.

Catch more grades after The Jump... 

Offense: C- They were saved by showing up last week against Air Force.  The run game was absent most the year and you can't win one dimensionally with a true freshman quarterback.  The line and wide receivers are the weak links on the team right now.  With Leonard Mason getting his starting spot back and Pete Thomas learning it looks like the second half of the season will have less single digit box scores. 115th is scoring defense usually gets you a D, but the potential is there.  This is just a C- cause part of this falls on the play calling.

Defense: D They should be better.  The injury bug is starting to nip at them but its no excuse for 24 points being the low score against them and two games near or above 50 points.  They show up some drives and not others, consistency is an issue.  And that has part to do with the offense not sustaining drives to help them out.  But 109th is scoring defense gets you a D.

Special Teams: B+  Crazy, right?  The kicker has won a game.  The punting and punt coverage has been vastly improved.  The kicking coverage did give up a touchdown last game as their one poor performance.  Their kickoffs have averaged 26 yards, good for 13th in the nation.

Coaching: C- The play calling has been atrocious most the year.  They have become the most predictable offense I have ever seen.  The 2008 Rams offense was confusing for a coordinator to match up against.  This year they can golf till Friday and still shutdown the Rams.  I do like the attitude of the coaches.  They are very upbeat and supportive and are sure the program is turning around.  Seriously though, dig out the 2008 playbook. At least turn the page over and stop running screens every 3rd down.  Grant Stucker is not your quarterback anymore!!  Pete Thomas is good and will make good decisions if you give him a chance.  Letting the whole stadium know you are passing so Air Force can drop 10 guys into coverage and then making him throw is not a good thing. Screw them, they get a D.

Offensive MVP: Pete Thomas.  Man crush certified QB right here.  The interceptions are a little alarming until you look at the play calling and the fact his receivers are all under 6 feet tall and walk-ons.  Honorable Mention: Leonard Mason, Zac Pauga, Raymond Carter

Defensive MVP:  Ricky Brewer.  They defense has their moments and a lot of thanks goes to Ricky Brewer lighting the fire back under them.  He also leads the team in tackles with 49.  It is good to have him back, a shame he missed a year.  Honorable Mention: Mychal Sisson, Ivory Herd(Slowly emerging as their best safety), Guy Miller.

Special Teams MVP: Ben Deline.  He is the reason we won our only game.  There is no bad choice though for this award.  Honorable Mention:  Pete Kontodiakos, Tony Drake, Derek Good.


I see the Rams getting three more wins.  UNLV, UNM, and BYU or Wyoming.  They are still a good home team and anything can happen in the Border War.   They are still to inexperienced to beat anyone on the road and the play calling needs to improve or they might not win again.

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