MWC Connection Blogger Power Rankings Released

It’s been a crazy week of blogging and this week’s rankings are in.  Unsurprisingly,  Jeremy Mauss continues his streak atop of the polls.  We’re pretty sure that he has the championship in the bag, which is really saying something this early in the season.  But here at MWCCBPR, we stick behind our earlier assertion that Mauss would bring home the hardware at the end of the season.  And so far no one else’s performance has been able to make us re-evaluate our opinion.  

The most significant change up in this week’s rankings comes in the dropping of Rebelfan1 from 3rd all the way to the tail pipe. 

Now, on to the rankings!

1.    Jeremy Mauss – Despite his general inability to use the words ‘than’ and ‘then’ correctly, no one can compete with this guy’s sheer volume of articles, fanshots, and comments.   Add to that his generally on topic and insightful thoughts and he has established strangle hold on the top spot now and for the foreseeable future. 

2.    Ben Findley – The scrapper out of TCU has once again delighted us with stellar commentary on the Horned Frogs and other topics.  His tenacious reporting of facts has earned him this spot and we think he’ll be entrenched here for a long time. 

3.    BYU Mitch – Despite a significant distraction in the form of the TDS going independent Mitch has managed to stay fairly active and produced some decent material.   Mitch’s recent column, “BYU Football at a Crossroads: Where to go from here,” allowed him to eek out a slim lead over bhsmarine in this week’s poll. 

4.    Bhsmarine – bhs has done an admiral job in a tough spot while reporting for abysmal Rams.  His courage in reporting for one of the worst teams in the MWC has earned him this spot.  And his recent posts nearly upset BYU Mitch for the third spot in the rankings.

5.    Josh Walrath – Josh is a bit of an enigma to us at the MWCCBPR.  While he clearly has talent, he doesn’t always put it to good use.  Since the beginning of the season he’s only managed four comments and one article.  Despite the obvious quality of the article, it’s clear his commitment is questionable.  

6.    Snake34 – Despite limited activity, Snake did manage a solid article in ‘How the MWC saved itself from Mediocrity.’  Even though he failed to use ‘itself’ as a word and instead wrote ‘its self,’ we think he has real potential if he can develop the discipline to be a more active blogger.

7.    Sam – Does this guy even write for MWC Connection?

8.    Rebelfan1 – As you should by now know, the lowest spot, or “tail pipe,” is reserved for the blogger who makes the mistake most worthy of a call out.   It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Rebel.  Despite fairly solid reporting and clear ability, rebels’ failure to correctly rank the Utes above Pittsburg for two consecutive weeks, as well as some clearly biased (dare we say homer like?) coverage of UNLV vs. Utah has earned him this weeks’ tail pipe.  The encouraging thing for Rebel is that he can always correctly rank Utah over Pitt next week and significantly move up the rankings.   

Now for the Tops and Bottoms.  As you know, we scour the blogosphere each week looking for the best bits of Humor, epic one liners, as well as the worst instances of Homerism, East Coast Bias, and BCSU snobbery, and bring them to you here as an addition to the rankings. 


Epic story:  The guys at OBNUG are no stranger to this award and bring it home once again in OBNUG’s ‘bet post’ on Virginia Tech’s blog “Gobbler Country” – epic ridiculousness in spades.

Epic Title:James Madison 21, Virginia Tech 16: This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things” also from Gobbler Country. 


Call it being a fan, call it being optimistic, we call it Epic Homerism.

This week’s award goes to our very own WoflpackNev for: “Well if Fresno or Nevada upset Boise and gets in a BCS game it’s possible.”  We love your optimism Wolfpack, but this is never going to happen.

Epic BCS Snobbery:  Comes once again from Nick Saban who belittled the Boise State schedule saying:  “It's not just that you can beat one team, but if you have to beat six or seven other teams and have to play with consistency to do it, I think that goes a long way in saying a lot about what kind of football team that you have. And that's no disrespect that you have, because they may certainly be able to do the same thing if they were put in that circumstance."  And that his team that won the national championship in 2009 also beat VT and "six other teams that were the caliber of Virginia Tech, or maybe better. And maybe more than that if you throw in Texas and Florida in the SEC Championship game."

Congratulations Saban, you are once again the douche of the week

And finally the No Sense of Humor Award goes to:  Anyone who takes this post seriously enough to be offended.


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