Mountain West and their Road to the BCS: Week 12

It's time for our weekly segment where we feature games that will affect the Mountain West's BCS possibilities this season.

Despite crushing the Utes, TCU remained ranked 4th in the polls, behind Alabama, Florida and Texas.  TCU only has Wyoming and New Mexico left on their schedule.  If they are to get into the BCS National Championship Game, they will need some help.

Fortunately for TCU, Boise State is still ranked two spots behind them with a weak schedule remaining as well.  If TCU wins out, they should be a lock to bust the BCS.  TCU and Mountain West fans however, are eying the National Championship Game.

With Utah losing their second game, they no longer have an outside shot of making the BCS. 

Here is a look at games this weekend that will affect the Mountain West in their BCS hunt.

All times are eastern

No. 4 TCU at Wyoming (The Mtn, 2:00 PM)

TCU is coming off a huge win over Utah, and is traveling to Laramie to take on the Cowboys, who are also coming off a big win over San Diego State.

MWC rooting interest:  TCU without a doubt.  TCU is almost a lock to bust the BCS, and will do so if they avoid a letdown.  The Horned Frogs should roll but they must come prepared to play against a much improved Wyoming team.


Kansas at No. 3 Texas (ABC 8:00 PM)

Its the last home game of the season for the Longhorns who are looking to send their seniors off right.

MWC rooting interest:  Kansas.  TCU's best chance of getting into the championship game is if Texas loses.  Can Kansas pull off the upset?  Not likely, Kansas has dropped five games in a row and Texas is playing very well now.


No. 6 Boise State at Utah State (9:30, ESPN 2)

Friday night appetizer for your Saturday of college football featuring the undefeated Boise State Broncos, going up against Utah State, who is coming off a rare win over San Jose State.

MWC rooting interest:  Boise State.  Why does this game matter?  Having two BCS Busters is definitely a good thing, but I'm thinking more into the future than that.  With the Mountain West looking to gain an AQ spot in the BCS, they may expand and add Boise State.  The higher Boise State is ranked at the end of the season, the better off the Mountain West is in the evaluation if they decide to expand.


Florida International vs No. 1 Florida (12:30 PM, ESPN 360)

FIU is coming into this game against the top ranked Gators as 45 point underdogs. 

MWC rooting interest:  Florida International, but don't count on it happening.  The Gators best chance to lose before the SEC championship game is against the Seminoles next week.  With a loss and a victory over Alabama, Florida still may get a BCS nod over TCU, unless of course it was to an awful team like FIU.


Chattanooga at No. 2 Alabama (12.21 PM, ESPN 360)

Chatta-who?  They are a FCS team with a (6-4) record.  

MWC rooting interest:  Chattanooga.  They are just a chew toy for the Crimson Tide as they prepare to face Auburn and Florida.  If Chattanooga can pull off the upset, it would be bigger than Appalachian State defeating Michigan but it's simply not going to happen.  For the BCS situation see above. (Florida)


Virginia at No. 23 Clemson (3:30, ABC)

Two teams that TCU beat earlier in the season square off.  A win for Clemson gives them a spot in the ACC title game.

MWC rooting interest:  Clemson.  TCU has beaten three teams that are currently ranked in the Top-25.  If Clemson loses this game, TCU's case to be in the BCS Championship Game is reduced.  TCU must also have BYU and Utah win their MWC games.


SMU at Marshall (4:30, KXXV-TV)

TCU beat SMU 39-14 earlier in the year.  SMU just has to win their final two games to appear in the Conference USA Championship Game.

MWC rooting interest:  SMU.  If Southern Methodist wins the Conference USA it certainly helps TCU.  The Frogs have the potential of claiming that they beat the ACC champion, Conference USA champion as well as going undefeated in a tough Mountain West.  A SMU would help TCU in the computers as well.

Memphis at No. 24 Houston (1:00 PM, CSS)

If Houston loses one game, SMU will clinch a Conference USA Championship Game birth.

MWC rooting interest: Memphis.  If SMU loses, they can still make the Conference USA Championship Game if Houston loses a game as well.  Houston also shares common opponents with Texas.  Texas' best win was over Oklahoma State, who was defeated by Houston.  If Houston falls in the computers, so does Oklahoma State and ultimately Texas.

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