Mountain West and their Road to the BCS: 11/13//09

Time to feature games of interest that will affect the possibility of the Mountain West getting into the BCS this year.  These games will not include all the teams ahead of any MWC team, but will be games that the higher ranked team may lose and thus drop in the rankings  All rankings listed are from the BCS.

TCU still controls their own destiny if they win out, but Utah could sneak in with a win and a Boise loss.   As always absolute chaos is my goal in an effort to promote change.

Check the full slate of games below.

All times are eastern

No. 16 Utah @ No. 4 TCU (CBS College Sports, 7:30pm)

The twenty point spread is absurd in this game, and TCU should win but trust me this will be a close game.

MWC rooting interest: TCU, pains me to say as a Utah alum.  However, as I grew up in Houston I have a fondness for TCU.  If Utah some how manages a win coupled with a Boise loss the Utes should be going to a BCS game.  Hard to believe, but they have about as good a shot as TCU going to the BCS title game.

Idaho @ No. 6 Boise State (ESPNU, 3:30pm)

Idaho was to be a challange but they have recently lost to Fresno and Nevada.  Best story line is this game is the Idaho AD refusing to get on a plane that had Boise State colors, and then drove 90 miles to Spokane, WA to board a non-Boise State themed plane.

MWC rooting interest: Boise State, yes I said it.  The reason being to try to force the BCS to take two non-AQ schools.

No. 7 Georgia Tech @ Duke (ESPN2, Noon)

Duke has a chance to be bowl eligible! Yes that is right, behind QB Thaddeous Lewis.  Georgia Tech has too much power on offense with the Paul Johnso triple option.

MWC rooting interest: Duke, because a Ramling Wreck win keeps moving them up and possibly move them up and a dark horse BCS title team.

No. 2 Texas @ Baylor (FSN, Noon)

Without Rorbert Grrifin Baylor has no shot, plus Texas has been on a roll lately.  This game will be a reminder of the old beat downs against Baylor.

MWC rooting interest: Baylor, but who are we kidding.

No. 3 Alabama @ Mississippi State (ESPN, 7pm)

Former Florida offensive coordinator --now head coach at Mississippi State Dan Mullen was able to hang with Florida, so there is no reason why they should not be able to hang with the Tide.  Home field counts and that Mississippi State should be able to hang around.

MWC rooting interest: Mississippi State, this I think actually has legs for an upset.  Alabama has had tough matchups against LSU and Tennessee, plus their offense has not been all that great.

No. 1 Florida @ South Carolina (CBS, 3:30pm)

The old ball coach is back against his old team and this is the chance for him maybe get a win over his former team.  South Carolina has been up and down all year, and will need a great game to stay with Florida.

MWC rooting interest: South Carolina.  Not likely but Florida has struggled just like Alabama, and with the SEC title game appearance lined up there could be a let down.

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